There are no ‘Life-Hacks’

June 21, 2018By Jim EatonArticles, Blog 5 Comments

With our sped-up culture it seems we’ve forgotten that, here on this Earth, Time is indeed not only real – but also essential to something else that our potential unfolds through: TIMING. Too often we take our ‘Amazon Prime Shipping’ mentality and apply it to how our Potential is supposed to work, only to find ourselves stuck in the same Life, never realizing that we have not given Time, nor Timing, it’s full due.


The Shamanic Power of the Wounded Healer

December 14, 2017By Jim EatonArticles, Blog No Comments

I have discovered that one of the most profound forces that guides and shapes your Destiny is ‘The Wounded Healer Archetype.’ And while this Archetype offers an essential True North when it comes to your life purpose, I have also found that many folks let this aspect of their Soul Contract collapse them instead of guide and heal them.


Spiritual Perfectionism vs. Your Calling

August 22, 2015By Jim EatonArticles, Blog 24 Comments

There is a seductive idea many of us have bought into: that our Calling only comes when we are only in pure alignment with positivity and gratitude. And if we can just get our vibration to that frequency then suddenly our cell phone will start ringing loud and clear with a call from Heaven. I’m here to tell you that on a Soul Contract Fate/Destiny level that is a lie.


The Gifts of Rejection

July 2, 2013By Jim EatonArticles, Blog 18 Comments

Essentially rejection is getting a ‘NO’ from life. We’ve all experienced this many many times and it always seems to suck right? Not only does it ‘suck’ it can be devastating and gut wrenching. I would have to say that often rejection takes us to our core wounds like nothing else can. But why does rejection have this kind of power?


Healthy vs. Toxic Fear

May 9, 2013By Jim EatonArticles, Blog 3 Comments

Turn on the news and within 5 minutes you’ll see a world, culture, and society, manifesting what it fears the most because it doesn’t understand the wise use of fear and how to respond, not react, to real threats. But as individuals are we any different?


What it Takes to Co-Create Your Life

November 14, 2012By Jim EatonArticles, Blog No Comments

As most of aspire to live our dreams, we are completely unaware that many of them will never be realized. Not because we are unworthy, incompetent, or lacking in ambition – rather, we simply can’t engage our highest potential. This is because most of the time we are co-creating our lives without a technical awareness of how our power of perception and choice is stuck in a ‘time warp’.


Intuitive-Archetypal Astrology

August 3, 2010By Jim EatonArticles, Astrology, Blog 4 Comments

“Our psyche is set up in accord with the structure of the universe, and what happens in the macrocosm likewise happens in the infinitesimal and most subjective reaches of the psyche.” -C. G. Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections I have been working as a professional intuitive and astrologer for over ten years now. And since that … Read More