Hello Everyone on this beautiful fall day in Boulder,

It’s the end of September which has me reflecting a lot on the current state of the world and our collective future. Which has lead me to examine what I can do as your Teacher/Guide to help you find solid footing in these dynamic and also challenging times.

That said, as we just passed the 15th memorial anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I thought I’d share with you something from my own personal experience regarding that event as a teaching.

First let me say that this event affected me to the core as, at the time, I was a flight attendant for American Airlines based in Boston…and as such I personally knew some of the crew members that were on Flight 11 – the plane that hit the first Tower.

When an event this like occurs we are always left with the painful questions of ‘how and why did this happen?’ From there we go on a search for the narrative that will explain to us how men could feel compelled to hijack and crash planes into buildings, killing thousands of innocent people – including themselves.

As you probably know, our ‘history books’ have recorded a version of the events per the powers that be during that era of time. And this narrative still echoes in the headlines today, primarily summed up under the umbrella that the cause was none other than ‘jihadist terrorism’.

Yet being who I am, how I’m wired, and how I see the world the way I do, I was never content with just the headline surface explanations that villainize one country or group against another, thereby simplifying the story and reasons down to a ‘good country vs. axis of evil’.

I’m aware that in times of crisis, loss, and grief it’s often human nature to reduce events to something that makes us feel like we have more control and somewhere to assign blame and seek recompense.

We want a black/white version of reality during the 9/11’s of our lives so we can wrangle the Karma back into a formula that we can manage, but the truth is reality at the level of Soul is anything but black and white.

And as much as we’d like Karma to be a simplistic ‘cause and effect’ principle; at the level of Soul and Soul Contracts it is far more dynamic, holographic, and complex than that. Which is not a convenient reality to absorb for the battered and vengeful heart that righteously wants eye for an eye justice as a way to make sense of such devastation.

That said, even though this event was beyond devastating to me, my fellow American Airlines Boston crew members and ops personnel, the psyche of the Airline Industry, and NYC – I never got on board with the war mongering that sprouted out of this tragedy. Allow me to explain why…

Was I angry, heartbroken, shaken, traumatized, and flattened by this horror? Of course I was. But anyone who is on the spiritual path and enters into the process of ‘Shadow Work’ knows that there is far more than meets the eye when it comes to events like this – and that ‘eye for an eye’ justice makes the whole world blind.

Not only that, personally there were metaphysical moments intertwined into this event for me which spoke of a deeper truth regarding the karmic nature of this event…

Flashing back to the night before 9/11 (September 10th, 2001), I was working a flight in first class from San Diego to Boston, hoping to land in time for my commute back to Chicago where I lived at the time. (Just a few months prior I had transferred to Boston to get out of my ‘French Fluency’ qualification which had locked me into flying full time routes out of Chicago to Montreal. I didn’t want to fly full time anymore so I could focus on doing intuitive readings and teaching yoga.)

That night on the flight one of the main cabin flight attendants came up through the blue opaque curtain into first class and inexplicably uttered to me the ‘code word’ we were trained to use in the event of a hijacking. I remember looking at her and saying, ‘WHAT did you say???! What is going on back there???!’

She looked at me dumbfounded as to why she out of NOWHERE said that word to me. After that I started to feel the ‘psychic field’ of the plane and its passengers, intuitively scanning each cabin. And I couldn’t stop thinking about what I would do if we had been hijacked…would I comply as I was trained, or would I bring out my black belt in Tae Kwon Do and throw down? What would I do??

I was haunted by this eerie feeling the rest of the night, not knowing what was about to unfold the very next morning. Yet, looking back now, I know that somehow the tracks for this event were already laid down in the Karmic Field…and it had seeped into the unconscious of my colleague who spontaneously had blurted out our code name for it for no apparent reason.

We landed on time and I made my flight back to Chicago…still feeling a bit haunted…

I was awakened the next morning by my Mother’s incessant calling of my cell phone. I was wondering why she was calling again and again, and when I finally answered I was shockingly met with the news about AA Flight 11 that she managed to utter through her uncontrollable crying and praising God that I was alive.

I couldn’t breathe…and just then as I turned on the TV to verify her news, I watched LIVE as the second plane hit the second Tower. I was left in absolute shock that went far deeper than just the obvious horror that was unfolding before my eyes. I thought back to what happened with my colleague the night before on our flight…needless to say, I had a lot to sort out.

I took three months off from flying, after which I returned ‘to the line’ as we used to say. Working my first few trips out of Boston was as heartbreaking as it was chilling…I shared many a jump seat with flight attendants that had their own feelings to share and stories to tell.

The one that stuck with me the most came from a Flight Attendant who had seen our fellow colleague Jeffrey Collman that morning before he worked Flight 11…and died.

I knew Jeffrey from Flight Attendant Training…he had graduated a class ahead of me. He was a fun-loving, kind, optimistic, and free-spirited man. The kind of person that would light up a room when he walked in…yet, as the story was recounted on the jump seat, the morning of 9/11 he was inexplicably gloomy, sullen, and depressed.

As she wiped tears from her eyes on the jump seat, my colleague told me that morning before he boarded Flight 11 he said, ‘I don’t know what’s wrong, I just feel like something really bad is about to happen…’

On some Soul level, he knew…he felt the Holographic Karmic Field in his own system…he knew what was about to happen. But he wasn’t the only one who knew. Many others that died in the Towers also knew.

As recounted by their family members, some of them knew from the time that they were children that they were going to die in the Twin Towers – and some knew that it was their Destiny die that way and yet also save many people before the Towers fell.

How is that possible? Don’t we have free will? Can’t events change? Is it possible there are karmic forces that are locked in before we are born that we simply can’t stop because of the enormity of their momentum? Do we have ‘Soul Agreements’ with this Karma? What karmic forces can we change? Which ones can’t we? Is there a ‘Karmic Tipping Point’ that once tipped can’t be reset? What causes such a tipping point?

Is it possible that mass Karmic Events such as 9/11 were actually set in motion and created 200 years ago? What about our Soul Contracts and Karma with others, how does that really work? Can we break karmic ties? What does that take? Are there different types of Karma beyond a simple ’cause and effect’ shame based formulaic idea of it? What of our own Karma can we change, what can’t we and why not?

These are questions that had haunted me ever since 9/11 and my personal mystical experiences of it (there were many more). Questions that would be answered in due course over many years through thousands of intuitive readings and mystical downloads…and most notably a massive download that occurred which brought it all together for me to clearly see as I created one of my most powerful audio series I’ve ever done in 2013: Change Your Karma, Change Your Life.

If you feel you are ready to answer these life changing questions on the holographic nature of Karma I encourage you to avail yourself to this body of work. Please click below to explore the content of this 14-Hour Course.

I truly believe that this material can change, not only the course of your Life, but the Karma of the World. I explore deeply what Karma actually is, how it really works holographically, what it takes to break karmic ties for good, the various types of Karma that exist and their laws, and how to set in motion new Karma to create the life you truly want.

I also go very deep into 9/11 and explore the Karma and the various Soul Contracts of those who died that day with more real life stories, as well as how Karmic events such as 9/11 are created and resolved.

Please take advantage of this incredible opportunity to completely transform your understanding of this powerful force so you are never again moving through the world blind as to how to use it and how it may be using you.

Much love and many prayers for all those affected by 9/11, in the USA, the Middle East, and around the One World we’re all part of.


Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Life Strategist

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