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I thought it would be nice to touch base with you regarding what’s on my mind as we kick off summer here in the Northern Hemisphere…

New Cycles and New Choices

With some of my own major life choices soon ahead, lately I’ve been deeply contemplating the nature of choice, and most notably how most of us when confronted with choices tend to think in terms of making choices that are right or wrong, good or bad, etc.

I know for myself that in the past I’ve approached many of the choices in my life through this paradigm – much to my own chagrin! That said, I’d like to offer a different way of approaching choices that I’ve come to really embrace: how to make choices that are true.

Deeply contemplating the nature of choice is certainly not new for me. For many years now working as a professional Intuitive Life Strategist I’ve been counseling folks on their choices.

Many times I’m asked, ‘Robert, what is the right choice for me to make in this situation?’ And while I certainly feel it’s my job to help a client get clarity on the choice and consequence formulas of their life, inherent in asking this question a deep level of their reality is readily revealed: choices are either right or wrong.

The fact is that choices are far more complex and truly can’t fit into a simplistic right/wrong reality. Choices are how we learn, grow, evolve, and come to know what we value. No single choice defines us, yet our essence is revealed or eclipsed through the sum of our choices by what they create in our lives as consequences.

And yet, most of us go into hyper vigilant mode when we are facing a big choice, right? We spin up into our heads in an effort to figure out ‘what’s the right choice.’ Doing so we sadly miss the bigger picture of Destiny, which is that life is nothing but research and one large process of evolution back to love.

There’s nothing to get ‘right’! Yet in our perfectionism and attempt to ‘get it right’ we lose the most powerful part of our ‘choice guidance system.’ Spun up in our head, we lose our heart.

Dropping into the Heart

So long as we stay in our intellect when it comes to making choices we will be greatly limited in making the choice that best serves our Destiny. We will stay at the level of ‘right vs. wrong’ and our mind’s shame based contamination with perfectionism.

Let’s face it, at the end of the day most of us are under the cultural spell that there is something inherently wrong with us – and believe we better be extra careful to make all the ‘right’ choices in life so as to ward off others seeing our innate defection. So our perfectionism amps up whenever a new choice enters our lives and we over analyze, catastrophize, futurize, and forget to harmonize! You know what I’m sayin’??!

We simply can’t make any mistakes! Or else we will be seen as a failure and confirm what our environment has always said all along: we’re simply not good enough. As I write this, I’m brought to tears about this…what a heart break…

This is not to say that when it comes to making many choices in life the intellect doesn’t have its use. We do indeed need to gather data, look at the alternatives, and assess the practical realities in which we live.

Yet the intellectual mind cannot sense the ‘bigger picture’ and what serves the highest good the way our heart can. And it’s from a balance of the intellect and heart coming together to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ a choice that we can make choices that are simply ‘True’.

What is a True Choice?

A True Choice understands life as a process, that we are here to grow and wisdom comes from our mistakes. Good judgment comes from experiences! A True Choice accesses the guidance system the heart is connected to, which is the guidance system of your Soul, while the intellect accesses the guidance system of the Ego.

If we leave things up to the mind alone our choices then tend to be primarily based out of defending our Ego Wounds and fear. This in turn puts us right back into the right/wrong and success/failure reality of the world’s shame based perfectionism. The heart ‘knows’ while the mind ‘thinks’.

That said, as an exercise I’d like you to think of a choice that is currently present in your life that you’ve really been struggling with. Let this be something that you’ve analyzed to death and nonetheless still feel totally confused about. Realize that your confusion is really perhaps the result of trying ‘make the right choice’ when what’s needed is to make a choice that is TRUE.

To get to the True Choice visualize and feel yourself taking this choice down into your heart. Take a breath, feel your entire body, and notice what your body is immediately telling you through your feelings about the choice in question. Don’t even ‘think’ of taking this back to your mind! Stay with your feelings…

Now, what do you know to be true about this choice? In your heart what do you know is the true choice to make, even if it doesn’t completely make sense to your mind?


One way you’ll know what the true choice is for you is by noticing that, in defying logic, it somehow brings power into your system when you take it to your heart, and once you take it back to your mind, you begin to lose power once again to your mental gymnastics. See how that works?!

Ahhh, there is so much more I want to say about this, yet the hour grows late! Just remember that when you make choices that are True you serve the optimal potential of all circumstances, even if it doesn’t make complete sense to your mind. Indeed, choices made with the heart are where all miracles begin…

Until next time,
Much love to you and Namaste,

Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Life Strategist


  • Love your work. We have so many things in common(work-wise) which is crazy but I worked for CM on her website and Yahoo groups. I have been working in a book that mirrors a lot of your work that I truly believe Spirit brings in those that get the information out.

  • Hi Robert,
    I really love your intuition and started following you several years ago based on Colette Baron-Reid/Hay House radio. I also took her OS & TGT courses. This post is full of amazing insight and totally applies to the world right now based on the changes (ie 5D ascension) that we are experiencing in this current time. We must be authentic in our choices or we continue to play the lower vibrational games, feeding the dark instead of the light.

    I have always been a numbers person (bookkeeper for 20 years) so Numerology came easier to me than Astrology. I had my chart done before I knew about you in 2014. I put it away and just last week someone asked to see it and told me that I had a genius basket chart. I have not a clue what this means and was wondering if you could discuss this on your Facebook page.

    Thank you so much for the brilliant work you are doing to raise awareness on the planet. Have an amazing rest of January. Love & Light Laura

  • Thank you. You always seem to be on spot. Somethings we know, we figure out for ourselves the hard way…it is really nice to get validation. Been really struggling with a situation which my intellect tells me one thing and my gut the other. Conventional wisdom totally against me, yet I have found if I followed my knowing I drop some more baggage, and another wound is healed. Your are making this journey a little easier, holding that light up for us to see….the road less taken can be very difficult and the price for access, at times very expensive, but when we get to our destination, it beat the hell out of drugs.

  • As always I love hearing your messages. Like the messages from Carolyn Myss, my soul sings with the words. Thank you for sharing,

  • A “From the Heart and Soul” of a very wise Person who has Lived, and Gives From, his knowledge of the wide spectrum of Life, Consciousness and the Unconscious, and combines this with his incredible intuitive and learned grasp of the Mysteries of The Universe.

  • Dear Robert. Today I became fully aware of the insanity of right and wrongin so many ways. I then tonight found myself reading your words echoing the very insights. We are all one aren’t we. Thank you for the wisdom you so willingly share❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍😇😇

  • I have no idea how to get out of my head. I’m been struggling for over 2 years. I’m not even sure I know what is true for me. I’ve literally spent thousands on counseling in 2 years. If you ever do any more personal sessions I would would be so grateful to have the opportunity. If not, can you recommend the next best. Thank you so much. Kelly

    • Dear Kelly,
      What may help you is the practice meditation even just 10 to 15 minutes each day. I feel Robert´s online courses are excellent and the next best thing to having a session with him, for me the Healing Perfectionist course was so helpful as was the course on Co Creating Your Destiny In Present Time (click on Online Classes above), He has also done some excellent courses which are only available on myss.com such as Igniting Miracles and Holographic Mysticism, I particularly like his work and courses on Shadow. His courses are very different, he gets you to ask yourself questions that really make you think, his courses are very very deep and you will experience tremendous shifts, I tried so many things like you spent so much money and reached a point of such hopelessness as nothing seemed to work. Robert´s work really helped me and reached me in a way no other work, books, audios or courses have. Know and trust you will find what is right for you and be easy on yourself.

  • Sounds and feels totally true! Thanks for shedding your light… Always good to be reminded what matters most. Namasté!

  • Incredibly deep, intuitive knowledge and understanding, of our very “individual” humanity. So Beautiful! A pouring out of Spiritual knowledge and insight way beyond the conception, let alone intellect of so many, regardless of their training, their orientation or the breadth of their professed knowledge. Breath taking!
    Thank You, Robert!

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