The Vertical Intuition Series – Part I

When facing a Life Crossroads Choice – or a Major Decision decision have you ever found yourself…

  • Confused?
  • Spun up in your head?
  • Over-analyzing?
  • Over-researching?
  • Over-thinking?

For Example – maybe it’s something like:

  • Should I date this person, should I marry this person?
  • Is this person someone I can trust?
  • Is this a good financial investment, should I take this job?
  • Should I quit my job, should I relocate, should I get a divorce?
  • Should I go back to school?
  • Should I hire this person, or fire this person?
  • Should I file for bankruptcy?

Time and time again, what I have seen is that most folks facing these types of questions will take them straight to their Mind for the answers.

But the truth is that these questions are TOO BIG for your Mind…

In fact, you need to get your Mind out of the way and let something else step forward — Your Intuition.

But that next leaves us with some further questions to explore:

  • What is the Mind’s role when it comes to your Intuitive System?
  • How does the Mind get in the way of clear Intuition?
  • How do you know whether it’s your Mind making something up or your Intuition giving you the answer to an important life question?

During this insightful video I will answer these questions, and address even more — like:

  • How do I know whether it’s fear vs. Intuition?
  • Is there a difference between Intuition & Instinct?
  • Is this my Wishful Thinking or my Intuition?
  • Am I projecting something or perceiving?

Going against some conventional wisdom, I will also teach you when and why you can’t always ‘Trust Your Gut’ and how to discern whether it’s your Mind’s useless guidance posing as Intuition regarding a major life decision, or a clear Intuitive Read!

*Oh, did I mention that there’s a Trickster Side of Intuition? Oh yes, I’m bringing that too!*

I’ll also share a phenomenon that I saw in many of my clients that I call the ‘Soul Sigh’…WHY IT’S CONNECTED TO INTUITION, and how to recognize this in yourself – and why it’s a good thing!

And I’ll give you one of the MOST important things to understand about Intuition if you want to stay synchronized to your Inner Voice.

Lastly, this video is Part 1 of a 4-Part Series that I’m doing on Intuition.
To find out what I’ll be discussing in Part 2, stay tuned until the end of the video!

Now, I invite you to bring your Messy Mind & your desire for Intuitive Clarity and join me in this Video. It’s time to get synchronized with your Intuition! 🙏

We are going to start this off with some of the FAQs that I’ve been asked over the years…

Robert Ohotto

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