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It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Boulder as I write this newsletter and reflect on the enormous messages/lessons in my life. Most notably I’ve been drawn back to a very scary near death experience I had after a shoulder surgery last June as a result of a severe reaction to the post-op pain meds they gave me!

This review has me contemplating the temporary nature of life (of my own life) catalyzed by the fact that I’m having another surgery this Thursday on my other shoulder which I injured shortly after my last surgery falling down the stairs of my house!! I know right? I’ll be taking different pain meds this time don’t cha know!

That said I’m left pondering what it really means to be in present time and why we continually leave the moment again and again – albeit most of the time unconsciously. What’s striking about this is that once we leave the moment, and to the degree we do, we are no longer effective in creating the life our Soul yearns for, the life of our Fullest Potential.

In fact, even our intuitive guidance becomes routed via whatever ‘Time Warp’ we are in and tends to only first guide us to get back to the moment so it can then instruct us on what our Soul Contract asks of us next.

Take a moment and ask yourself right now, “Where am I? What parts of me aren’t here? Do I even want to be HERE? Can I show up for what’s arising in my direct experience of life unconditionally? Then ask yourself what it means to you to ‘co-create’ your life? What I’ve found is that being in present time and co-creating our lives are inextricably connected.

What’s more I’ve discovered through my own experience of life and countless readings that, as most of aspire to live our dreams, we are completely unaware that many of them will never be realized. Not because we are unworthy, incompetent, or lacking in ambition – rather, we simply can’t engage our highest potential.

This is because most of the time we are co-creating our lives without a technical awareness of how our power of perception and choice is stuck in a ‘time warp’. This time warp is a by-product of the way the human psyche processes the traumas of our past rendering our efforts to co-create in present time sabotaged. It’s as if the gears of our life are simultaneously stuck in ‘drive’ and ‘reverse’ modes, effectively rendering us stalled on the plateau of life’s potential.

To begin illustrating this, back in late 2010 I had a major epiphany/breakthrough in my own work regarding this phenomenon triggered by an encounter with a woman on a hiking trail in Spearfish, SD where I was teaching my last ‘Soul Destinies’ class.

At the end of the workshop Team Ohotto and I were walking on a trail by a stream with my beautiful loving black lab, Nike, who was off leash loving life in the wild. We came around this corner and encountered three women, one of which began to go into hysterics for no apparent reason.

She clammed up and began to scream and cry like a terrified 5 year old child right there on the trail. At first I thought she was kidding as I couldn’t understand why she was acting this way. Then Nike began to move in to comfort her, as is his nature, and it was at that moment I realized she was reacting to him!

What occurred to me was that she didn’t see the loving black lab in front of her at that moment, her psyche spotted a dog and that triggered a past trauma from a dog attack that occurred when she was 5 years old–meaning she perceived the present moment via that trauma.

I was floored that she was so clearly in that moment creating her reality fully from her past in such a way it cut her off from the beauty of a nourishing hike and an encounter with a loving animal on the trail. What’s more, I realized that we are ALL just like her to varying degrees, replicating our own version of this phenomenon of ‘time-warped’ perception in our lives and creating our reality out of it.

And when I say ‘creating our reality’ I mean that we are making choices and having experiences based on misperceptions and misinterpretations of what is TRUE in the moment. Our psyche is responding to ‘old’ not ‘current’ data.

So I got curious about this…how did this traumatic trigger conjure up her Child Archetype? I mean it was as if she literally shape shifted into a child in front of my eyes. That intrigued me in terms of how her subconscious mind spotted a dog, associated that with impending doom based on past trauma, which in turn sent her back to 5 years old.  And then the next thing you know, the adult in this woman ‘went unconscious’ and her child took the driver seat of her reality.

As I stood there on the trail for a moment it was as if there was this sudden boom in my intuitive system. I made a connection I never had before regarding the way our subconscious mind recruits archetypes to manage our reality based on past trauma and programs it has adapted to survive. The scope of my work as an intuitive and teacher was forever changed by this one fated encounter, truly.

After that, during the following two months I began to see many aspects of my work come together in a way I had never seen before which rendered me awestruck at the nature of what it really means to co-create reality consciously within the terrain of the human psyche.

For the first time I began to realize how The Shadow, The Soul, Archetypes, The Subconscious Mind, and our Soul Contracts with Fate and Destiny all work together. I began to understand on a level never before what this work of becoming ‘conscious’ truly means for our capacity to, as alchemists, create the highest potential of our own lives. This revelation then inspired a workshop I taught in Boulder in January 2011 which I am now making available for the first time as a purchasable download to the general public.

Please look over the workshop below and see if it speaks to you. We only have this breath, not the next one…something I’m embracing with shoulder surgery staring me in the face yet again…sigh.

Much love & Namaste,

Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Life Strategist

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Emily Gitau
Emily Gitau
1 year ago

very eye – opening. a great read!