Through the thousands of intuitive readings that I have done over the past 15 years, I have discovered that one of the most profound forces that guides and shapes your Destiny is ‘The Wounded Healer Archetype.’

And while this Archetype offers an essential True North when it comes to your life purpose, I have also found that many folks let this aspect of their Soul Contract collapse them instead of guide and heal them.

To be sure, shifting from Victim to Shaman is no easy task and isn’t for the faint of heart – but if you want to live the Life of a ‘Calling’, you will first need to deeply engage and understand the sacred nature of your wounds.

And in my experience this is ultimately done by coming to terms with your own Wounded Healer Archetype. I have yet to meet anyone who feels deeply engaged with their Life’s Calling that hasn’t made friends with the power of this pattern.

I would even expand beyond the personal manifestation of this pattern in our lives and say that this Archetype represents a major doorway of evolution for humankind. For it is the gatekeeper of being multi-sensory, intuitively aware, and compassionately inspired. It is the bridging Archetypal Force between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius we are now entering into.

To be sure, in the dawning of this New Age we are all called to deeply understand the nature of our personal pain and the pain of the world in a way we never adequately have before. Without an intuitive understanding of our wounds, we simply cannot transform the Fate of our personal lives, and that of the World, into Destiny. We cannot heal, and I define healing here as ‘making things whole’.

Years ago, my mother, who worked for over a decade as an addiction counselor with the Lakota Indians on Pine Ridge Reservation, shared with me a Native Story she heard that imparts an essential wisdom teaching: A couple loses a child in a battle and becomes inconsolable. They are unable to move past their pain… Eventually they are told they need to consult the tribe’s Shaman, and the Shaman tells them, “I cannot take away your pain, you will always carry this loss…but I can teach you how to make it Sacred’.

Having been deeply wounded by an abusive childhood, the deep shame of our culture, and the suicide of my father, I’ve rigorously explored the wisdom that what pains our Soul doesn’t heal by ‘taking the pain away’ – but can only heal by making that pain ‘Sacred’. 

That said, in these challenging times if you are asking the following questions…

  • Why have certain painful things happened to you and how can you heal?
  • What’s the difference between coping with your wounds and healing them?
  • Are you feeling your pain or someone else’s, how do you know?
  • How are your wounds destined doorways to your most unique gifts?
  • What does it mean to make your pain sacred?
  • Why is ‘Shamanic Consciousness’ essential to healing and how can you activate it?
  • Which Archetypes are connected to your Wounded Healer as part of your Soul Contract?
  • Why has the Wounded Healer been summoned in us now as part of a Global transition?

…then I invite you to explore the answers via my powerful course ‘Making your Pain Sacred – Activating the Shamanic Power of the Wounded Healer’ and it’s Astrological companion ‘The Astrological & Archetypal Chiron’. They were both taught the same weekend as different but complimentary modules. The Chiron course expands on the material of Making Your Pain Sacred in a focused Astrological way.


Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Life Strategist

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