“The best use of your intuition is not in figuring out how Life is going to happen to you, but how you can happen to Life.”

Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Guide, Coach, Teacher, Strategist

“Whether it's actualizing your optimal potential in business, love, or healing - Activating your Intuition will give you an edge that’s essential.”

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Mercury Retrograde

in Scorpio/Sagittarius

Active phase: 11|16|18 - 12|06|2018

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  • New Upcoming YIE Show! - I’m back with new episodes of my WebTV Show ‘Your Intuitive Edge’ coming at ya! I’m kicking them off next Wednesday with a LIVE show you won’t want to miss!

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Transforming Fate Into Destiny

“Robert Ohotto has written a magnificent and captivating book on Fate and destiny. His understanding of these two forces as archetype is superb, and his application of how they influence you will leave you thinking he wrote this book just for you.”
~ Caroline Myss

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