Whether we are overwhelmed with all that we have to do, or triggering up into some Shadow Dancing with our family members – we all need a little help staying empowered during the Oholidays, am I right?!

If you’re feeling me, check out my oldie but goodie podcast: Robert’s Oholiday Guide to Empowerment! Not only do I coach you via some insights on how to maintain your center and sense of value during the Oholidays, I also take a deeper look at the Dark Night & Gifts of Powerlessness as a compliment to navigating the Oholidays.

Here’s some of what’s covered:

  • What to do when triggered during the Oholidays
  • How to resist falling back into old roles with family members
  • Creating and using the protected zone of ‘Pause’ to help keep healthy boundaries
  • How to deactivate a charged situation
  • Handling Oholiday overwhelm with the 75% formula ( I LOVE THIS!)
  • Main reactive patterns and roles to watch out for…
  • How understanding your Power & Powerlessness will keep you Empowered!
  • Embracing the Gifts of Powerlessness that come with a Dark Night process

Feel free to stream or download, and have a very Happy Empowered Oholidays!


Robert : )

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  • Bringing realization of the gift, the perfection of the dark night is so beautifully clearly expressed through you Robert. Shamelessly. Where I require power? Thank you. I love you.

  • I continue to feel enormous gratitude Robert for your wisdom that you share so generously. Your perspectives shine a clear light in a unique way that is very helpful to me at the right moment I connect with you

  • Thank God you sent this to me. The last few days I’ve experienced disappointment and anger in one of my closer relationships. My longtime European girlfriend emailed that her ex (who she’d been mad at) has colon cancer. She has had 3 “hitting bottoms” over the last 10/11 years, and I’ve always tried to “be there” for her with compassion (as well as some very extensive researching for ways to help her). But the problem for me is that she almost never reads what I email her about my own life, issues, and considerable growth – (even when I finally tried to make it easier for her by translating what I wrote into her language). So now, after waiting 3 months for her promise to “soon read” my last email (and feeling sad, mad, and increasingly disconnected from her), I have to decide how to respond to another of her endless requests for for empathy/sympathy.
    I’m so glad I listened to the above, because it’s going to prevent me from writing that she’s hurt me (and subtly implying that she’s to blame for this).
    Instead: Now I have to look at the fact that our relationship has become a one-way street, where I help and commiserate with her, but she doesn’t take the time to read something I’d made so simple for her to read after I’d gone thru my own Dark Night last summer.
    I will pray and then meditate, and probably listen to this again, before finally writing her. Thanks so much for this synchronous download. Nothing could have been more relevant to working thru my inner confusion and conflict, as well as my sense of hurt and powerlessness than what you’ve said here.

  • I need to add to the above that my girlfriend was a very successful psychiatrist and then hypnotherapist. She now has Saturn and Pluto transiting her 4th house, (and I will have that myself soon).
    Some months ago I wrote her that this transit was about learning to have love and faith in oneself, rather than relying on others to make things okay. (I can only hope, with the huge number of losses and” hittings bottoms” I’ve had myself over the past 10 years, that I’ve been sufficiently “pushed” to finally learn to love and nourish myself, and that I’ll be able to better handle this transit.)

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