Here in the USA it’s the longest day of the year. It’s always so strange to me that our days will get darker, bit by bit, from here on out until the next Solstice in December when the dark days head toward the light.

Whether today is the longest or shortest day for you, one thing is certain, we seem to be living in very heavy and dark times. Times that can often feel like there is simply no daylight at all within the psychic darkness of the World.

One need only turn on the news to witness the evolutionary pressures that have taken many of the World’s Governments and their respective citizens down into Hades for a tour of the Human Shadow and what it’s capable of.

Of course it’s during such times that I look to the synchronicity of the Planets and Stars for our Archetypal coordinates, searching for a True North that can guide us back to the Light.

While I always feel that the Heavens do indeed present a Compass by which to find our way, as I continue to teach my current Saturn in Capricorn On-Line Web Series, I’m reminded that the way back to the Light is often challenging, grueling, circuitous, and takes something very few of us properly empower these days: TIME.

With our sped-up culture it seems we’ve forgotten that, here on this Earth, Time is indeed not only real – but also essential to something else that our potential unfolds through: TIMING.

Too often we take our ‘Amazon Prime Shipping’ mentality and apply it to how our Potential is supposed to work, only to find ourselves stuck in the same Life, never realizing that we have not given Time, nor Timing, it’s full due.

There Are No ‘Life-Hacks’!

Whether we feed our entitled sense of immediate gratification by looking for the next ‘Life-Hack’, or turn to our metaphysical books that claim Time is be treated as an illusion we can simply ignore – we often want our Potential to be easy, convenient, downloadable from the Spirit Cloud via one prayer, and something we can return for exchange if we simply don’t like it when it finally manifests as half-assed as our commitment was to birth it. (Oh yes I did!)

And yet our Potential is NONE of these things…it plays by rules outside of our urgently grasping Wounded Egos. And let me just say that I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve been guilty as charged when it comes to mistaking the true demands our Potential places on us…

That said, I remember some years ago I received an email from a woman who felt it was important to let me know my Astrology Series were too long – and that she’d love to take them, but only wanted them to be 60 minutes. That’s all she would make time for…

On one hand I took this as a positive critique, with my Holographic Mind I’m forever having to challenge myself to condense down all that I can intuitively perceive in the Hologram of Life into the base essentials.

Even now, what was originally planned to be only 4 Lessons in my current Saturn Series has turned into 7 due to a whole new body of insights that I didn’t see coming that will forever affect how I see and work with Astrology – and they are just TOO GOOD not to teach so I’m giving them the TIME!

Yet, on the other hand, I realized that she likely was speaking on behalf of so many of us who want our lives to change, but do not want to put in the Time.

Imagine praying to the Universe and saying, “I’d really like my Life to change, but I only have 60 minutes of time to invest” – and the Universe then turning around and telling you, “That’s unfortunate because, given how everything is holographically interrelated in your Life, the changes you seek will take you 5 years!”

Just like you, I have wanted my Potential to manifest into my Life at the speed of Amazon Prime, but spending the past two months channeling and teaching from Saturn’s Archetype has reminded me of so many Truths about our Lives here on Earth. Some of which are:

  1. On this Planet we must work with Time and Timing, it’s a fundamental Truth of this Earth Dimension of Co-Creation and our Souls really don’t mind. In fact, we chose to incarnate here to learn from Time and Timing. We actually wanted it that way.
  2. There are no ‘Hacks’ – sure there is something called ‘Efficiency’ that makes the best use of Time, but you can’t hack Time or Timing any more than you can hack your Destiny. If you believe this, then you fail to grasp the complexities of your own Psyche and the holographic nature of Life’s interconnectedness. So much is threaded to everything else, you can’t simply ‘hack’ one thread without pulling the rest of it and all that it’s connected to. Thus, there are NO HACKS when it comes to your Potential, there is only Efficiency.
  3. We are not in control of Timing, period. And thank the Gods…how many times have you been grateful in hindsight that something didn’t happen when or you wanted to, or at all. In my experience, when we want to control Timing we are coming from a need to fill a hole in our Wounded Esteem vs. express a Gift from our Soul.
  4. Sometimes, Timing has nothing to do with YOU. There are times when we are tasked with growing and maturing in ways that require Time before a new dimension of Potential can activate in our Lives. BUT, additionally sometimes something doesn’t unfold or align in our Lives because other parts of the Hologram aren’t ready for US yet! You have no idea how much has to align and the exact right time for an opportunity to finally be ready for you to arrive to it, in as much as you need to be ready for it to arrive to you…so stop beating yourself up over something you cannot control – Timing.

One of the reasons I have had a mad love affair with Astrology for over 25 years is because it speaks intuitively and fluently in the Language of Time and Timing.

It has been perhaps my favorite way to get back to my own True North. It has helped me, time and time again, align my Timing with the Greater Timing of the Earth’s Evolutionary Matrix of Potential. It has helped me get out of my own way…

That said, if you’re not already taking my current Saturn in Capricorn On-Line Web Series, I invite you to invest the Time. Saturn is currently Retrograde and I address this deeply. Additionally, I came into an entirely new intuitive download while teaching this Series that expanded the originally planned 4 Lessons to 7.

I do hope you’ll take the Time to absorb the Wisdom and Celestial Instruction of this incredible Series! Click the promo below to find out more!!!


Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Life Strategist

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Michele Marie
Michele Marie
5 years ago

Hi Robert, I’m in. I understood your instructions the first time. They were very clear. Enjoying and resonating with the info. Particularly pertinent to me as I have Saturn on my MC with the south node in 9 Saturn return due in 4 years approx, so definitely time to step up to the plate. Which I am doing 10 times over. Also… Got my soul destiny pack in great time here in Aus. Moving to Byron Bay in a week and will immerse myself in my studies in paradise. (Leaving hectic Sydney) Then start reading and serving others with what… Read more »

Robert Ohotto
5 years ago
Reply to  Michele Marie

Thanks Michele, I was wondering if you had started the Soul Destinies Home Study…keep me posted on how it goes! 🙂

Jeff Stafford
5 years ago

Robert! Loving the NEW site and this article. You spoke about this idea at the CYL in Chicago – not being in control of timing is one of those pieces I intellectually understand, yet in the midst of it all practicing this idea is most helpful when trying to release the frustration when things aren’t on “my schedule”. Looking forward to signing up for one of the classes you are offering. Be well. and look forward to our paths connecting again.

5 years ago

Hey there, Robert, great job on the Saturn series. I have been discussing your insights with a dear friend to help him to understand the time realities of earth school: I made a breakthrough and much healing has resulted for my friend because I applied Saturnian patience and graft. I actually found your Saturn series comforting because you were confirming things that I felt I knew all along: that we can’t cheat time. There is so much written on instant manifestation and an emphasis on ease and that if somehow if it’s not easy it’s ‘not worth it’, not valid… Read more »

Robert Ohotto
5 years ago
Reply to  Hogarth

Thanks for the feedback and share Hogarth! All good stuff and obviously couldn’t agree more, and boy I sure did pay a ‘price for admission!’ 🙂