• How exactly do people come into your Life?
  • Why is someone in your Life – is this random, or…is there something else in play?
  • What exactly determines our Relationship Matches – Is it The Law of Magnetic Attraction, Happenstance, Coincidence, Serendipity, Divine Design, or pre-incarnate Soul Agreements?
  • What about the Relationship Matches in our life that ain’t so fun, AKA our Shadow Matches – Why do we ‘attract’ these Noble Adversaries?!
  • Do we, or can we, have any say when it comes to our Relationship Magnetics?
  • Does the Psychic Law of Synchronicity have something to do with all this?

Find out the answer to all these questions in this video!

Join me as I’ll cover:

  • My intuitive discoveries regarding the Psychic Law of Synchronicity that reshape our understanding of it…
  • The difference between Happenstance, Coincidence Serendipity, and Synchronicity
  • Synchronicity’s Role within your Relationship Magnetics
  • How to identify Genuine Synchronicity vs. Trickster Synchronicity
  • The way ‘Dimensions’ work with Laws of Attraction, Repulsion, & Synchronicity
  • A cutting-edge new way to work with the Psychic Law of Synchronicity that’s called ‘Intentional Synchronicity’…
  • How you can activate the Magnetic Power of Relationship Synchronicity in your Life!

Synchronicity is far more than just an ‘acausal’ phenomenon as per Carl Jung, it can be activated consciously through your Intentions – find out how in this video!

-Robert : )

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