Have you been feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed out, and like everyone’s vibe keeps sticking to you?!

Are the same old family dynamics reactivating with the Holidays – and now it’s like you’re back in your childhood ALL over again?

Have you been sipping on a Shadow Dance Latte, sprinkled with some Cinnamon Triggering that was just made by one of your ‘Challenging Persons’…oops, I mean Noble Adversaries?!

What about feeling hypersensitive, moody, and like you’re processing everyone’s feelings to the max – sound like you right about now?

If you said HECK YES to any of the above questions, you just might be a dimmed down Holiday Empath that needs their Light boosted right back to BRIGHT stat! Yep, it’s time to get you back to ‘Empowered Empath’ status asap, and here’s the good news: I’m here for it!

Whether you are overwhelmed with all that you have to do, find yourself triggering up into some old school Shadow Dancing with your family members, or keep taking on the vibes of everyone around you that is stressed out…As Empaths, we all need a little help staying empowered during the Holidays, am I right?!

If you’re feeling me, this video is a must as I’ll lay down my 2022 Holiday Survival Strategies for Empaths, Highly Sensitive People (HSP), and Intuitives!

Through this Empath’s Holiday Survival Guide, not only will I offer you some game changing insights on how to maintain your center, boundaries, psychic hygiene, and sense of value during the Holidays – I’ll also take a deeper look at some of the activated Shadow Archetypes, Patterns, & Energies to watch out for this Year, especially if you find yourself Shadow Dancing with others and feeling all their emotions.

Here’s just some of Empathic Empowerment offered in this video:

  • The Top 5 Psychic Hygiene Tips for the 2022 Holidays!
  • What to do when triggered during the Holidays!
  • Why Empaths often get sick during the Holidays, how to prevent this, and how to stay healthy!
  • How to resist falling back into old Roles and Dimensional Dynamics with family members…eeeek!
  • Creating and using the protected zone of ‘Pause’ to help keep healthy boundaries – ummm, time to talk to the hand people!
  • How understanding your Power & Powerlessness balance will keep you Empowered!
  • Handling Holiday overwhelm with the 75% formula ( MY FAVORITE!)
  • How to deactivate a charged situation, and decline invitations to Shadow Dance – no thank you!
  • The main reactive Archetypal Patterns and Roles to watch out for…in you, others, and groups – LOTS to consider!

Please join me so that you can have a happy & empowered Oholidays this Year!

Robert Ohotto

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