The Empathic Soul & Love Rebel 1.0 2022


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The Empathic Soul & Love Rebel 1.0

Are You an Empathic Soul?

Find out in this powerful video & how knowing the answer can change everything!

Please join me for this 8-Part Masterclass and I’ll share with you the unique insights, tools, skills, esteem development, mystical care, and power pivots that your Empathic Soul System requires. All of which can activate an entirely new empowerment in your Life, leveling you up onto a new path as a co-creative Love Rebel with a psychic field free of toxic emotional debris.

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During eight 3-Hour recorded webcasts Robert covers the dynamic nature of The Empathic Soul’s Contract and Potential.

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It’s no secret that we are living in unprecedented challenging times on planet Earth – times that are asking something more dynamic from our development as human beings. We must become something more than what we have been, and to do that we need a new guide of development – one that can accommodate our new transformational needs as we each come of age in this new era of intuitive and multisensory development.

Indeed, we need a new Multi-Sensory Archetypal Psychology & Spirituality to guide us if we are to master living as empowered co-creators in this Intuitive Age. An Age that requires living within a new Empathic Holism with all of Life.

Yet, what we often think about as a new Intuitive Age, isn’t exactly ‘new’. In fact, it’s already been active for nearly 100 years and began when more and more humans started evolving beyond their 5-senses to embrace new emerging ‘energy senses’ that can perceive and access other facets of reality, while absorbing greater bandwidths of energetic, psychic, and emotional information.

Furthermore, I’ve learned that these really aren’t just ‘Energy Senses’…they are ‘Empathic Soul Senses’. And understanding what that means reframes absolutely everything.

But what exactly started this evolutionary shift? And why do many of us find ourselves at a personal empathic overload crisis point within it now?

Could it be that more and more dynamic advanced Multisensory Souls have been incarnating into 5-sensory human bodies over the past century, thereby activating a new human bio-psychic-intuitive evolution? How would such Souls experience the pressures of this process in terms of their human psychology? What would the psycho-mystical challenges of such an evolution be, what would they look like, how would they manifest?

More importantly, are you one of these dynamic Souls? How would you know? Would that explain much of your past challenges? Would that shed light on your current sense of being stuck in a loop with the same draining patterns? Could that illuminate why you feel emotionally scattered, empathically overwhelmed, victimized, lost, or out of place in this life.

Might knowing this truth Soul point you toward one of the most powerful shifts you can make in your Life toward Empathic Empowerment?

I can tell you with certainty that, indeed, more and more Souls with highly evolved Empathic Senses have been incarnating over the past hundred years to usher humanity through this challenging time – and if you are reading this, you are very likely one of them!

In fact, through thousands of intuitive readings over the past 15 years I realized that 85% of my clients and students are indeed part of this new empathically advanced Soul Group –  that I have now come to understand as ‘Empathic Souls’.

Empathic Souls have incarnated with a more advanced capacity to feel and channel broader spectrums of energy in ways that hold the potential to heal, transform, and guide humanity.

Yet, if you looked at their lives on a human level you would perhaps see something very different than a beaming channel of grace. You might see trauma, abandonment, victimization, outcasts, addicts, empathic codependents, perfectionists, scapegoats, and then some.

Why might this be the first thing you see? And if all you could see was the messiness of an Empathic Soul’s human life be, how would you ever be able to identify that you are, in fact, one as well?

Is a life of empathic suffering all that exists in the potential for an Empathic Soul? Absolutely not…not even close.

That said, as I came to intuitively work with the Soul Contracts of Empathic Souls – I began to realize that, for most of them, merging their dynamic multi-sensory nature into the 5-Senses and the 5-Sensory Psychology of being human has been more than just difficult. It’s been full of enormous psycho-spiritual vulnerability, socio-cultural obstacles, and sabotaging patterns that, if not properly addressed, could haunt an entire lifetime and thwart the expression of their full potential.

And it’s addressing and moving Empathic Souls past these challenges that has become the main focus of my life’s work – informing every intuitive reading that I do, all the advice and insights that I share, and every course that I create. I help Empathic Souls move beyond their human vulnerabilities of development to live within the light and grace of what I now understand as ‘The Empathic Soul Contract’.

But it’s often not in the light that an Empathic Soul begins their human journey. Like all Light Workers, they are usually first sent to where it’s dark to begin their alchemical opus of transforming dark to light. Sometimes that darkness us incarnating into an emotionally toxic family that rejects them, growing up in a culture of shame, having an abusive family, or perhaps being in a family challenged with shadow psychological survival patterns.

No matter where an Empathic Soul begins their journey, the most painful thing that I realized over time was that Empathic Souls, in human form, are often too overwhelmed with empathic toxicity to even understand the sacredness of their life’s task, let alone know where to begin transforming the dark of their lives to light.

What’s more, having adapted archetypal patterns like The Codependent Empath, Addict, Shadow Victim, or Shadow Rescuer in an effort to manage their Soul’s high sensitivity, low-esteem, and capacity to feel so much – Empathic Soul Clients often came to me lost, boundaryless, exhausted, confused, depressed, disempowered, and with no True North of Purpose to guide them out of their painful codependent empathic loops.

And with our culture in the throes of shame driven spirituality/self-help, and psychology lacking the true study of the Soul – opting instead for the study of the brain, cognition, and behavior – these Empathic Souls had no one to show them who they really are, and how to live in a new level of their power and purpose.

They had no one to show them the new counter-cultural path they must take to become the badass alchemists, intuitives, healers, activists, guides, counselors, teachers, artists, and magicians they were born to be – they had no one to show them the path of the Love Rebel.

I know what this is like all too well, because I, too, am an Empathic Soul. And every intuitive reading that I gave these clients was also, in some way, a reading on myself. As my intuitive skills guided them to new understandings of their Empathic Soul Contract and how to make power pivots toward its magic, I was also guided to understand mine.

That said, after 20 years of observation and study regarding Empathic Souls and the Empathic Soul Contract, I couldn’t be more excited to share with you a new 8-Part/25-Hour Masterclass: The Empathic Soul & Love Rebel – A Transformational Guide to Empathic Empowerment.

If you:

  • Are highly sensitive and often feel overloaded by all the negative energy in the World
  • Need guidance on how to handle the way the energy of others affects you
  • Find it difficult to watch the news, engage on social media, or read headlines without feeling emotionally/psychically contaminated
  • Sometimes find yourself feeling anxious, depressed, fearful, exhausted, hopeless, angry, or stuck in negative thinking for no apparent reason
  • Come away from large groups or crowds of people feeling energetically drained and flattened
  • Can’t seem to hold solid boundaries with people – especially narcissists and vampires
  • Often feel like your highly empathic nature is always bringing you down, not lifting you up
  • Have spent a lot of your Life stuck in ‘Codependent Empathic Loops’ where you feel everyone’s feelings for them, manage them, and then collapse into an exhausted victimized state…

You are likely far more than just an Empath…you might actually be an Empathic Soul with an Empathic Soul Contract that’s in need of some serious Love Rebel medicine!

So please join me for this 8-Part/25 hour Masterclass and I’ll share with you the unique insights, tools, skills, esteem development, mystical care, and power pivots that your Empathic Soul System requires. All of which can activate an entirely new empowerment in your Life, leveling you up onto a new path as a co-creative Love Rebel with a psychic field free of toxic emotional debris.

Whether it comes to your life’s purpose, career, health, relationships, personal challenges, addictions, self-sabotage, or finances – once you live from your Empathic Soul’s Truth, everything will change in miraculous ways you could have never imagined while seeing yourself with lesser vision.

“You are likely far more than just an Empath…you might actually be an Empathic Soul with an Empathic Soul Contract that’s in need of some serious Love Rebel medicine!”

Here’s some of what I’ll be covering in this 8-Part/25-Hour Masterclass
All webcasts are recorded and members will have lifetime access to audio and video recordings.

Session One: The Empathic Soul Contract
  • The Boundary Fallacy: Addressing the real reason why you experience Empathic Overload & Overwhelm
  • A Holographic Understanding of the Soul & Empathy
  • The Human Empathic System vs. the Empathic Soul System
  • The Empathic Soul Contract, how I discovered it, what it requires, & identifying yours
  • Understanding the Primary Empathic Soul Archetypes of Destiny: The Bodhisattva, The Wounded Healer, The Shaman, The Alchemist, The Channel, The Empathic Counselor, The Guide, & The Magician
  • The Mystical Power Grids of the Empathic Soul Part I
  • The 7 Types of Empathy that Empathic Souls can access & engage
  • Your Empathic Soul Senses vs. Your 5 Human Senses
Session Two: The Empathic Soul meets Human Psychological Development
  • The Human Personal Emotional System vs. Empathic Soul’s Emotional System
  • Boundaries, the Codependent Empath Pattern, & Family Systems
  • Challenges Empathic Souls face when incarnating into Human Psychological Development – what can go wrong & how to now make it right
  • Trauma – when the Empathic Soul meets Human Wounding
  • The primary Wounded Archetypes & identifying yours
  • Mapping the Empathic Soul’s 10 Bio-Psychic-Mystical Stages of Development & their Timing, Challenges, Growth, & Necessary Power Pivots: Soul Contract, Pre-incarnation, Birth, Childhood, Adolescence, Early Adulthood, Adulthood, Psychological Adulthood, Psycho-Spiritual Adulthood, & Psycho-Mystical Adulthood
  • Why you get stuck in one of the 10 Stages and how to move on…
Session Three: The Wounded Healer, Wounded Archetypes, & The Sacred Wound
  • Wounding as a violation of Holism
  • The Misperception Loop caused by Trauma and how to get out
  • Working with the Holographic Nature of Family Systems to heal
  • Addressing and avoiding the Pitfalls of the ‘Victimized Empath’ Archetypal Pattern
  • The Shaman, Chiron, and the purpose of the Sacred Wound
  • How your Subconscious Mind interacts with your inner Team of Wounded Archetypes
Session Four: Esteem & Your Empathic System
  • Safety, Security, Survival, & Shame: Embracing the Human Ego Drivers of Esteem Development
  • How your Esteem integrates and interrelates with your Empathic System
  • The Intuitive Pivot: Knowing how the Subconscious works with the Archetypal Nature of your Esteem System
  • Identifying the Esteem Agendas of your Shadow Archetypes
  • Mapping the Empathic Soul’s 10 Stages of Esteem Development and taking the journey back to Soul-Esteem
  • Empathic Soul-Esteem – The central Mystical Force of your Intuitive Empathic System
Session Five: Boundaries & Mystical Development – From Victim to Love Rebel
  • The Dark Night of the Codependent Empath
  • The Journey from Addict to Mystic
  • Toxic Empathy vs. Empowered Empathy
  • Why by-passing Empathy = by-passing your Purpose
  • How Mystical Forces wake up in You
  • Identifying and using your Empathic Soul Senses
  • From Shadow Victim to Mystical Victim
  • Cultivating new Safety, Security, and Esteem: The Child Archetype & Mystical Parents
  • Connecting to Mystical Power Grids
  • Guardians of the Empathic Soul Contract - The Mystical Lover & Love Rebel
  • Mystical Emotional Triggers – Understanding your calls to a Love Rebellion
  • Empowered Empathic Boundaries: The Necessity of creating a Love Rebellion with Others
Session Six: Holistic Energetic Repair for the Damaged Empathic Soul
  • The Internet Age and its effects on your Empathic System
  • Psychic Viruses & Treating Empathic Viral Infection
  • Clearing Emotional/Psychic Debris from your Empathic Field
  • How Empathic Souls can suffer energetic damage, identifying yours, and repairing it
  • Essential Grounded Bio-Mystical Tools & Practices for healing the Empathic Soul
  • Soul Damage Prevention: Bio-Psychic Hygiene, Soul Prayers, & Mystical Attunement
Session Seven: Living in the Intuitive Magic of Empathic Empowerment
  • A New Compass Emerges: Your Intuitive Empathic System
  • How to consciously turn your Intuitive Empathic System on and off
  • Embracing Empathic Mystical Heart Break as a Guide to Purpose
  • The Power Grids of the Empathic Soul Part II
  • Your Calling & Destiny: Using your Empathic Gifts consciously to help others
  • Essential tips on raising Empathic Children
  • How to relate from Empowered Empathy with those who are not Empathic Souls
  • Sharing the Journey: Continued Support & Connecting with other Empathic Souls
  • Keeping your Multisensory & Empathic System clear: A comprehensive step by step guide
  • Unlocking the next level of your Empathic Soul’s Potential
  • The Miraculous Power of living within Empathic Holism
Session Eight: A Powerful Q&A that addresses various topics from the entire Masterclass

This 120 minute Q&A Session was offered as a bonus and recorded LIVE on November 8, 2020. Through it you will find even more guidance into the many questions you may have about being an Empathic Soul – allowing you to ground the Masterclasses’ transformative material even more into your Life!

I can’t wait to help you deeply understand the dynamic nature of The Empathic Soul’s Contract and Potential so that you can take the reins of your Empathic System and use it to beautifully fulfill your Destiny as intended.


Robert Ohotto

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