Saturn in Pisces

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Saturn in Pisces

12 Lessons in Mystical Maturity

After a three month build up, Saturn has officially begun its 5-month Retrograde Cycle in Pisces!

Have you been experiencing ongoing challenges with empathic & emotional overwhelm?

Do you feel an energetic heaviness hanging in the collective atmosphere – a feeling of being lost in a sea of psychic noise and uncertainty, not sure what’s real, what’s next, let alone what’s even possible for your Life’s Potential? Or for the World?

Does it seem like everything lately is taking five times the normal effort to get done?

Are you encountering one more time-consuming mishap after another – almost daily?

Do you end most days with a frustrated sense of burnout, and start most days wanting to stay in bed?

Are you struggling with how to process & respond to the many heartbreaking World Events that are tearing our shared Humanity apart?

If so, here’s a heads up: You are already feeling Saturn’s current Retrograde in Pisces

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13 Lessons

Robert teaches you how to mature as a co-creative adult in 13 video lessons.

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While you can’t hide from this Cycle, you can decide to willingly open yourself up to some new Lessons from this Bottom-Line Keep it Real Teacher, with Saturn’s entire Lesson Plan being Piscean this time. 

**And if you’re not feeling this just yet, you will soon as the current Saturn Retrograde in Cycle has Personal Piscean Karmic Consequences for us all to face and learn from…  

And while Piscean Lessons often require that we must first get lost at sea to be found again – being ‘found’ this time can arise out of engaging Saturn’s current journey through 12 Mystical Lessons…

With each Lesson asking us, in its own way, to confront the negative Karma that we’ve created for ourselves (and each other) via many of the widespread and culturally empowered Illusions that we embrace about Spirituality, what it takes to manage our Empathic & Psychic Nervous Systems, and how we manifest Reality via Mystical Laws.

This Saturn Cycle is saying to each of us, “You must now face your long held Piscean Illusions so that you can grow into the Mystically Mature Co-Creative Adult that you were born to be and must become to navigate these challenging Times and what’s ahead.

So, what does it mean to be a Mystically Mature Co-Creative Adult and what’s required?  

Well, before we even go mystical with that answer, you only need to look at most social media these days to see that our World severely lacks an embodied relationship with the basic Adult Archetype, let alone The Mystical Adult.  

What’s more, not having evolved past a medieval understanding of Saturn, most current Astrological Teachings do not show us how Saturn can be, not only an Inner Ally of new Empowerment, but a Creative Force that can exalt those of us wired with a Multisensory Psyche into Co-Creator Status. 

But, after months of work, I have created something that can do just that – just in time for what the next 5 months of this Saturn Retrograde in Pisces will primarily be about:

Realizing through 12 Karmic Lessons how we’ve been out of step with Saturn’s desire to build within us a new Piscean capacity & maturity to work with Mystical Power.

**This, of course, first requires dismantling any inner and outer structures that can’t accommodate the new incoming voltage.

So, what are the 12-Lessons that Saturn Retrograde in Pisces will be teaching us so that we can anchor our Souls into this World as new Co-Creative Forces of Mystical Light?

Throughout this 13-Part HoloKompass Astrological Series I deeply explore that exact question, not just via insightful answers and information (of which it is jam packed), but as a living experiential process to be engaged via Saturn’s Alchemy.

Said another way, the Mystical Maturity that Saturn is teaching via his Piscean Classroom is far more than something that you can just read about – it’s a practicum that can only be engaged by getting into the Mystical Grit of your Life’s Journey. 

And, as you will learn, this business of becoming a Mystical Adult is necessary if we are to navigate in an empowered way the nascent Pluto in Aquarius Cycle that is on its way to achieving full momentum – lasting until 2043.

Having said that, with Pluto’s Aquarian Power Shift now pressuring us like coal that’s destined to become a diamond, is it any wonder that we find ourselves drifting further and further out into these new uncharted deeper Piscean Waters that ask us:

Are you going to sink or swim?

Are you going to ‘Mystically Adult-Up’ and holistically embrace the Mystical Laws as something that includes Saturn’s Archetype?

Will you use this Saturn Retrograde Cycles to effectively restructure your Life around a new way to understand the Pisces Archetype?

True to Saturn, you only need to look at what’s manifesting in our mundane lives to see that we are being asked these questions every day. And while our current Times may often seem dark, heavy, shaky, and scary – the good news is that I’m offering you some profound guidance via this Series as a clear way through.  

I have spent countless passionate hours creating this new Series in the hopes that you will join me in exploring the Evolutionary Divine Order within our Chaotic Times that is calling us to these 12 Lessons in Mystical Maturity that I have put together for you.

What’s more, when engaged, these 12-Lessons that we are bound to during this Saturn Cycle will become an Inner Wheel of Light that you can use to transform, not only your Life, but the entire World.

With all my Soul I mean that…

Which is why I must tell you that this is the most transformational and intensive Astrological Cycle Series that I’ve ever created – these 12 Lessons are that important.

And while this Series will absolutely offer all the important Saturn in Pisces astrological information regarding important dates, transits, aspects, energies, and event-based possibilities that this Saturn Cycle has locked in its Karmic Journey – as well as a deep dive into the Saturn and Pisces Archetypes…

I must also state that this Series is not for someone who just wants to know how the Saturn in Pisces Retrograde is going to happen to or for them.

Rather, this 13-Part Series guides you to pro-actively evolve out of your victim based, outdated, unconscious, and sabotaging Piscean Karmic Patterns into an entirely new Saturnian Structure of Mystical Co-Creative Power & Light.

Said another way: This Series is for the Co-Creator that is ready and willing to do the Saturn work that forges a Life founded on and grounded in Mystical Adulthood. 

“Will you use this Saturn Retrograde Cycle to effectively restructure your Life around a new way to understand the Pisces Archetype?”

For your further consideration, here’s just some of what will be inside this Saturn in Pisces Series: 

  • Karmic Events Past, Present, and What’s Ahead
  • Important Transits, Dates, and Timing – including all 3 Retrogrades
  • Identifying & Healing Your Saturn Wound
  • The difference between your Saturn & Chiron Wounds
  • Working with Saturn’s Dual Quantum Nature as a Gateway of Manifestation
  • Why Pisces now must be understood as more than a ‘Water Sign’
  • The Vertical & Horizontal Dynamics of how Saturn Transits affect you
  • Saturn’s Compass: Navigating Ego, Shadow, & Soul
  • What’s to come as Saturn in Pisces follows Neptune’s Path…
  • The unique Role of Eris within this Saturn Pisces Cycle
  • Identifying & avoiding the dangers of the Shadow Piscean Reality By-Pass
  • The birth of a new Archetype: The Mystically Mature Co-Creative Adult
  • A deep and necessary exploration of what Reality & Illusion really are…
  • The urgent necessity of redefining Mysticism through Saturn
  • Saturn in Pisces’ 12-Lessons in Mystical Maturity
  • Why you must track your ‘Reality Language’ to identify your Shadow Version of Reality
  • The Battle & Reconciliation of the Human & Cosmic Heart
  • How Saturn in Pisces will activate each of the 12 Astrological Houses
  • The Saturn in Pisces Cycle as preparation for Pluto in Aquarius
  • The Retrogrades: Identifying and working with your Saturn in Pisces Dark Night Process
  • Saturn in Pisces instructions for Overwhelmed Empaths & Highly Sensitive People
  • Using the 12 Mystical Laws of Life as Your Co-Creative Wheel of Light

And of course…there is so much more offered over the course of 13 Videos – each packed full of transformative insights and alchemy.

This Series also comes with numerous PDF Guides to help engage, process, and integrate its transformational content – as well as reflect on newly presented images and diagrams.

In closing, it’s no secret that we now find ourselves in new Uncharted Waters of Co-Creation that has many of us feeling an unprecedented sense of instability, worry, and uncertainty.

Yet, I promise that you will be profoundly transformed by the new Mystical Insights, Astrological Guidance, and Heart-Opening Alchemy found within in this Series – such that you’ll be able to meet all that’s shaking up this World with the Inner Light, Centeredness, Strength, Clarity, Resiliency, & Wholeheartedness that can only be found within a Mystically Mature Adult.  

Come join me now inside this 12-Lesson Saturn in Pisces Journey, together we got this.

With all my Love, Light, & Soul…

Robert 🙏

For a Limited Time Enjoy 50% OFF with The Retrograde Sale!
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13 video lessons, PDF guides and lifetime access to archived audio / video recordings.

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