Your Intuitive Edge – Episode 9
Special Series – The Power of Psycho-Spiritual Intuition
Part 1 of 3

Many of you know that, whether as a guest teacher or co-teacher, I often teach with the one and only brilliant Caroline Myss. This past February 2019 I was with her teaching in Sedona and was gracious enough to let me give to you, for free, the class I taught there.

This first lesson is:
Psychic Viruses & Your Holographic Health.
Please scroll down for the lesson outline.

Lesson Two: Archetypes & Your Esteem-System »
Lesson Three: Mystically Managing Your New Psychic Nervous System »

Lesson Audio:

Lesson Outline:
Your Multisensory System & the Holographic Nature of Health/Illness

  • How the phenomena of the Internet Mirrors the Dynamics of your Multisensory System (Bandwidth)
  • How you unconsciously get psychically contaminated and its effect on your health

Psychic Viruses

  • Managing your Holographic Health in a new Era of Psychic Viruses
  • How Psychic Viruses activate Archetypes in your Psyche – and the dangers of this phenomenon
  • How Psychic Viruses keep you from your Calling
  • Understanding Shame as a Psychic Virus
  • How a Psychic Virus can create a Psychic Illness that can then become a Physical Illness
  • Exploring a New Psychic Hygiene
    What creates Psychic Viral immunity (with a powerful story to demonstrate that)
  • Managing the Emotional Energy from Other People & The toxicity of the Codependent-Empath Pattern

New health questions you must now ask in a Multisensory Age

Psycho-Spiritual Intuition

  • Tribal Viruses vs. Your Intuitive Voice
  • Intuitive Hits vs. Viral Codes
  • How to Use the power of the word ‘Soul’ when engaging people online
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  • Fabulous info! Great Soul Medicine! Thank for sharing for it is so supportive.
    We can now decipher, As we feel what is not ours!! so important and urgent
    at the same time! blessings

  • Thank you so much for your generous sharing of very important awareness of Bandwidth and how we take care of our psychic hygiene.
    very powerful🙏🏻😇

  • As always Robert, brilliant, important, eye opening, multi-perspective, deep, inspiring, timely, GREAT! Thank you, thank you! Personally I need a reminder of this from time to time, collectively so many people need to “awake” and become more aware. I have posted this lesson on my Facebook-timeline, I often do that with your free videos, hoping to inspire my friends there. Much Love!

    • You never manipulate and always illuminate. Thank you for sharing your life’s work with me in this series.

  • Robert
    Your greatest gift is your ability to teach, I never feel manipulated as Colleen says.
    I feel deeply present when I’m listening to you online, way away in Australia . Thank you to Carolyn and yourself for sharing this with us no charge.

  • Amazing as always Robert. Could this be the reason why I have family, a couple of ex-friends and an ex-partner whom I seem to have outgrown? They are all trying to make me think one way when I actually see the divine truth and it feels like mass delusion. Mass for me in that it seaped over to friendships and an intimate relationship. It was in connection to me being a codependent. I shifted and started to place boundaries and none of them liked it. Or is that something different? Loving your teachings and can’t wait for the next one. Jane Parrott

  • Dear Robert,
    You’re a spiritual genius. I happen to get you completely, and I am grateful for each and every lesson you’ve taught be because they have stuck. It goes without saying they all come at *exactly* the right time and this one is no different.
    On the downside, you’re so intellectually sharp that a lot of people that aren’t as mentally rigorous miss your genius. Many of my friends and family who are seekers included. I’m sorry for that. It’s a little lonely not to be able to discuss you with them. But grateful that I have always loved styles such as yours. I’m also so happy you have your friend Caroline as your cheerleader.

  • Robert, what is the difference between a psychic virus and a spell? I just finished listening to Caroline Myss’s London lecture on Spellcasting and her descriptions of spells sounds very similar to your description of viruses. Can you please explain the difference, if any?

    Thanks and lot of love and gratitude!

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