Your Intuitive Edge – Episode 16

Mercury has gone RETROGRADE! (And it’s a New Moon in Libra TODAY) – I say it’s time for a new Your Intuitive Edge TV Episode!

Join me as I share important dates and some of the main themes from this Retrograde in this new Episode/video.

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In this video discover:

  • Important dates and timing of the Mercury Retrograde
  • The Synchronicities of this Mercury Retrograde
  • Why we are called to Evolve or Repeat during this Cycle
  • How this Cycle will affect your Relationships
  • Why this Cycle will reveal why and how your Mind has become corrupted
  • Archetypes & Mental Illness
  • The Trickster Archetype & Mercury Retrograde
  • Why the Trickster often uses technology to get your attention
  • How this Cycle is preparing us for December when Jupiter & Saturn go into Aquarius
  • The role of Aries, Capricorn, Libra, & Scorpio in creating your Karma
  • How Mercury Retrogrades alter your Flow Chart of Destiny & Potential

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Lynn Audrey Olsen
Lynn Audrey Olsen
12 days ago

Are you a Libra or Sagittarius?

Lynn Audrey Olsen
Lynn Audrey Olsen
12 days ago

The other thing that came to my mind while I was listening is were you or did you have some connection to Pablo Neruda in a past life…

Brenda Minifie
Brenda Minifie
11 days ago

LOVED your video. You have inspired me to confront an avoiding activity -an addiction- and stop it immediately! Also on 23 September, had a fall and re hurt an old injury, then tripped again on 16 October!!. And 15 October, a repeat of unexpected car repairs.Am looking forward to the midpoint of Sun conjunct mercury reveal. Have been working with Amazing kinesiologist to clear the origins of feet injuries but think I am not connecting to the ground at this time because of belonging factors. Funny thing is, I had just recorded an audio blog on my website about personal… Read more »

7 days ago

You are so naming my stuff here Robert! Going on retreat next week – will be reflecting…

7 days ago

How do I know what archetype I am