Your Intuitive Edge – Episode 11
Special Series – The Power of Psycho-Spiritual Intuition
Part 3 of 3

Lesson Three:
Mystically Managing Your New Psychic Nervous System
Please scroll down for the lesson outline.

Lesson One: Psychic Viruses & Your Holographic Health »
Lesson Two: Archetypes & Your Esteem-System »

Lesson Audio:

Lesson Outline:

  • What does it mean to have multiple senses?
    • How to merge and use your Psychic and Intuitive Systems
      • How to sense and recognize energetic data and frequencies
    • Why your Intuitive Compass spin out of its True North
    • How your Intuitive Senses recruit and use the 5 senses
  • How the internet has given you a new psychic nervous system and how this can affect your health
    • What patterns are managing your overwhelm from the internet in toxic ways…what’s the pivot to new Power & Patterns?
  • How to resolve the battle between Archetypes of Survival adaptation and your Soul’s nature
    • Psychic DNA as lineage from Culture
  • How to identify your Child Archetypes and shift their negative patterns (Invisible Child, Adult Child, etc)
    • The Gift of the Orphan Child
  • The Esteem-System of Your Shadow Archetypes
    • How Soul-Esteem can empower your Archetypes into the Light
  • The most powerful question you can ask yourself that will activate your intuition and change your entire Life
    • Why your intuition will get blocked when asking Yes/No questions
  • What happens when your Archetypes get a Mystical Attunement
    • The Power of Activating Your Inner Mystical Parents
    • How ‘Mystical’ Archetypes that can neutralize Psychic contamination
  • Why you can’t birth your Potential through your own Power alone
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cathy evans
4 years ago

Thank you so much for this series! Excellent as usual with your presentations!
🙏Cathy Evans

Patricia Bachhuber
Patricia Bachhuber
4 years ago

I’m in tears at the close of your talk Robert; so much is contained in your beautiful tribute to Carolyn at the end, to me. You’re such a genius, but somehow it all got wrapped up in a simple expression of love for someone who lit up your path and changed your life. I’m reminded of a sentence from a talk by Marianne Williamson here; “pray hard, love deep, kick ass”. In this world of departure from acceptance of religious doctrines and rules for living, this crisis of faith in our lives: you all have brought us back to even… Read more »

Cindi Johnson
Cindi Johnson
4 years ago

It’s true ~ when a teacher is needed, one will appear. Thank you Robert. You are one great teacher. You pack so much into your lessons ~ I don’t know how you do it. Gonna turn off the phone and get comfy so I can listen to Part III… and then go back and listen again.

Antonia Nelson
Antonia Nelson
4 years ago

Thank you so much Robert, grateful for your deep wisdom, generosity, and humor, feel very blessed to have been in your classes.

4 years ago

In reference to your comment, “it’s all god.” I was talking with an atheist who practiced Buddhism for a while. I said u have a similar but opposite thought – I am an omnitheist – I feel good is in everything. And though I couldn’t put words to it as a child, I always felt this way

4 years ago

I enjoy reading the beautiful, heartfelt and deep comments your Readers and Listeners leave after being touched by your work. Produced from their awareness of your profound knowledge, your understanding, insights, interpretation and deep sensitivity. Seer You Are, beautiful and unparalleled….
Annette B.

4 years ago

Listened to these three audio-lessons. So powerful. Have gone back to listen again. And again. So relevant and just the medicine needed right now. Thank you Robert. You are one amazing soul and masterful teacher. You pack so much into your lessons. Eternally grateful. Both my husband and I listen to all your sessions, we are committed to our own personal journey in personal development/ study of the self/ personal accountability, commitment to the truth. This materials, and Holographic Mysticism, and Your Intuitive Edge, have provided each of us so much personal and spiritual growth, and healing, and discussion, and… Read more »

Mindy Jollie
4 years ago

I’m glad that you covered how the intuition connects with the five senses because I often hear from people that the two are in conflict. I would imagine that it’s not always the case. If I were to get a reading, I would hope that I could resolve that conflict or at least understand the relationship between the two a little better.

4 years ago

Wow. Thank you Robert. Just thank you, Namaste

Robert Whorton
Robert Whorton
3 years ago

Robert, thank you for the gift of this 3 part series. So many HUGE misunderstandings I have had since the day I was born just became understood and have been deactivated. This I know. I would have never thought I have been living my life my life through the “orphan child”. (Fyi, I am gay and in the performing arts. Two things that would send a simple Southern family into seizures. I came out at 18, but not to my family. That didn’t happen until 15 years later and only to my two sisters. My parents had transitioned by that… Read more »

Peter Michael
Peter Michael
1 year ago

We are all marshals of the teeming forces and sublimations in the promise of the co-creative intuitive adult that becomes a maturing establishment amplifying grace and proportion.Thank you Robert