Your Intuitive Edge – Episode 17

For the first time, I’m publicly sharing a deeper level of my work with Astrology – most notably what I’ve discovered your Astrological Sun Sign to really be. Yet, to understand that, you first must understand what the Sun itself is as a powerful creative force inside you.

If you are ready to discover your core purpose, watch this video. But first, be ready to let go of your previous stereotypes, superstitions, associations, and ideas surrounding Astrology & Sun Signs.

In this video, which is Part I of II, I dive deep into the Sun as a powerful symbol of your Heroic Quest in this lifetime & the ultimate key to your Destiny. I also explain what a birth chart is, why there are 12 Zodiac Signs & not 13, and what I discovered about the Soul & Astrology via my work with twins.

In this video I discuss:

  • My journey of discovering and creating an Astrology for the Co-creator
  • Why there are Twelve Sun Signs (and not thirteen)
  • Beyond what you’ve been told…what your Sun Sign really is…
  • Why it’s essential to align to your Astrological Sun Sign
  • What Astrological Archetypes are and how to work with them
  • The Celestial Instruction of your Sun Sign…
  • Understanding yourself as an organized Solar System of Power
  • The Truth about Sun Sign Compatibility & its use in Relationships
  • Why your Birth Chart is a map, but not the country…
  • The nature of the Soul & my experience with the Birth Charts of Twins
  • Western vs. Vedic Astrology
  • The Truth about Cusping Signs
  • Why it’s the Dark Night of the Sun – not the Soul
  • The Sun & The Human Shadow
  • Your Sun Sign & Karma
  • How the 12 Astrology Signs map the 12 Stages of Human Bio-Psycho-Mystical Development

**As mentioned in this video, my Episode on Netflix: The Universe – Ancient Mysteries Solved Season 2, Episode 5 – Predicting the Future

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3 years ago

Hello Robert,
Subtitles/Transcripts would be SO important for us foreigners!!

Regards Maria from Finland

3 years ago

Loved this !!!!

Karla Paredes
Karla Paredes
3 years ago

How do I access Part II? It is not in Crowdcast.

3 years ago

how can we see part II?

Jenn Tasnim Savage
2 years ago

I just came across this video and LOVE it. The link to go on to class two is not connected to anything. Is there a way to gain access to that class? I’m dying to continue with the process. Thanks!