Your Intuitive Edge – Episode 8

In this Episode Robert explores:

  • What Truths you are unconsciously aligned to and how that collapses your Potential
  • What comprises your Esteem-System
  • The dangers of many Self-Help and Coaching Models of Esteem, Courage, & Confidence
  • The Truth Technician Archetype
  • Activating True Authenticity
  • Why your Past is always Present
  • The Truth of the Bodhisattva Soul Contract & Archetype
  • How Shame has created various Metaphysical Models of Truth
  • The karmic consequences of every Truth you are aligned to
  • What guides you into your Potential

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  • SO real. This touched me deeply, deeply, on multiple levels. After only one listening. Thank you. Thank you, Robert. And be blessed.

    • thanke you Robert! I realy went deep with the “blow up your heart” thing at the end, my mother did that for me and I guess the funktion of that is still going on, I am still doing the “starving artist” after decades of being in it! Now I´m painting a combi called Blue Deep and the heart thing went to the bottom of that and found a door there with moss growing on it!

  • Namaste Robert. I am so grateful to have your teachings and guidance in cosmic truths. I Thank the Universe that it channels through you.

  • Wow, wow, wow! Thank you so much for this Robert. I’m experiencing the ending of a 10 year chaos cycle which was filled with smaller chaos cycles and dark nights that included some very beautiful moments of clarity and growth. This information is perfect for where I am in my journey right now.

    This is the time I really need to examine where my esteem and sense of value come from and this episode is helping do just that. I’m in the process of listening to it a second time as there was so much change and growth that it triggered the first time I listened to it.


  • Robert, you are right as always. Your truth resonates. The whole past thing is defining, but does not determine what we do in life or how we feel about ourselves, as long as we wake up.

  • Dear Robert,

    You are the real deal….hearfelt gratitude always when listening to you.
    Law of attraction,positive thinking, karma, more than often leave you feeling you got it wrong feelings of shame at not getting it right. With your trade mark no BS deep compassion, and fab humour you are like a healing balm. Blessed be bro you rock.!


  • I appreciate how you addressed the idea of a child getting cancer and dying not being karma.

    The scene you described was my scene. At 26 my daughter got cancer and died with grace. She knew it was her contract – it took me a while to finally accept it. I now benefit from having my heart blown wide open.
    Thanks Robert

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