Your Intuitive Edge – Episode 10
Special Series – The Power of Psycho-Spiritual Intuition
Part 2 of 3

Lesson Two:
Archetypes & Your Esteem-Systems
Please scroll down for the lesson outline.

Lesson One: Psychic Viruses & Your Holographic Health »
Lesson Three: Mystically Managing Your New Psychic Nervous System »

Lesson Audio:

Lesson Outline:

  • How your Soul holographically fuses into your Soul Contract with Earth School
  • The Difference between your Psychic & Intuitive Systems
  • The Four Primary Categories of Archetypes in your Soul Contract
    • Your Soul, Fate, Archetypes of Survival Adaptation, & Destiny Archetypes
    • The Empath as a Soul Archetype
    • What it takes to afford a new Archetype of Destiny
  • Archetypes and Esteem Systems
    • Understanding your Esteem-System as a system of value management
      • Is your Esteem-System unconsciously shame based?
    • How Archetypes manage your Esteem-System
      • The Scapegoat’s Esteem-System
    • Moving from Ego-Esteem to Soul-Esteem
      • Buddha’ Enlightenment as a map to Soul-Esteem
  • What Archetypes are as the software of your Psyche
    • How the Subconscious Mind recruits Archetypes to manage your safety, security, esteem, and survival
  • The Child Archetypes and Mystical Parents
    • How you unconsciously abandon your Inner Child
  • Recognizing when you’ve hit a bottom with a Shadow Archetype
    • The Narcissist Archetype
    • How the Empath becomes the Codependent-Empath
      • The consequences for mistaking someone’s Holographic Field for your own
    • The Codependent Loop & Hitting your bottom as a health crisis
  • Archetypes and Holographic Health
    • Your Health as a Report Card of your System
    • The effects of Patriarchal wounding on your Holographic Health
    • Patterns that create Health Debt
  • A powerful way to intuitively read your Shadow Side and its ambitions/motivations so you can choose differently
  • Letting go of power drains & Identifying sustainable ambitions and courses of action
  • How to not take action in your Life at the expense of your own self-connection
  • What it takes to traverse the Mystical Path back to Truth
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Susan West
Susan West
4 years ago

Brilliant. Thanks for sharing this. Looking forward to Lesson 3.

Barbara Johnstone
Barbara Johnstone
4 years ago

Thank you!

Martine O'Donovan
Martine O'Donovan
4 years ago

I feel as though I’ve been awoken from a deep sleep. Thank you most sincerely.

Victoria V Blue
Victoria V Blue
3 years ago

Just what I needed to hear in the now (2020). Thank you!

Last edited 3 years ago by Victoria V Blue