Your Intuitive Edge – Episode 18

Our Empathic Soul Senses have taken a beating in 2020 – the landscape and trajectory of our lives is forever changed – you may have lost a job, ended a relationship, or found yourself at a professional crossroads. Not to mention the health challenges and fears that come with a pandemic – and the collective dark vibes floating in the air that are most certainly getting picked up by your own personal Empathic System.

That said, without a doubt new tools and strategies are needed to manage our empathic overload and get through the Oholidays this year! (FYI – when you’re hanging with Ohotto it’s the O-holidays!)

If this year brought you to your knees with its challenges, let me help you back up with my new Oholidays Survival Strategies Guide 2020!

Here’s what I got in store for you in this video/guide:

  • How to get Self-Care back in the driver’s seat
  • The 75% Formula that will save your sanity during the Oholidays
  • How to handle Oholiday Shadow Dancing and Triggering with Others
  • The Essential Truth that you must remember Oholiday Season
  • The necessity of addressing the toxic Roles you play with others and how to shift
  • Reversing the momentum Shadow Archetypes have in your Psyche
  • Intuition’s role during the Oholidays and how to use yours
  • The Power & Powerlessness Inventory you MUST DO this time of year
  • What your Longings can teach you this Oholiday Season
  • The most important Shadow Work you need to do as we end 2020
  • The real reason why Charity & Service can ignite a Miracle and shift you from a dark place back to the light
  • Embracing Divine Paradox so you can actually ENJOY the Oholidays 2020

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Donna Cecilio
Donna Cecilio
3 years ago

Just the music and sound of your voice is a comfort in this craziness as an empathic healthcare provider!