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When someone triggers you with their Shadow Side how can you activate ‘Soul Sight’ – seeing them with your Soul? What does it mean to Shadow Dance with someone’s Archetypes?

If you find it difficult to engage compassion for others when triggered by their darkness – this intuitive insight, taken from my full course ‘The Art of Shadow Dancing with Archetypes’ on is for you!

Want to go deeper into my full 3-Part Reflections Parallel Course ‘The Art of Shadow Dancing with Archetypes’ where I will teach you how to keep yourself neutral, empowered, self-connected, and self-protected when dealing with the shadow agenda of others? Be sure to visit via the link below.

This course will offer you a valuable guide that will improve all of your relationships, most notably your relationship with yourself.
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  • Whoa…this is so powerful. So humbling, it turned me inside out and upside down. I’m leaving this tab open to just replay on demand to remind myself of this truth. Thank you so much.

  • Thank you! I loved this series when I purchased it before & this short version reminds me that I would love to re-watch it & anchor in these highly valuable insights!

  • This is perfect timing, thank you for the reminder. I need to go back and listen to the whole series. In deep love and gratitude ❤️

  • Thank you Robert – for such balanced yin/yang insights (left/right brain, masculine/feminine… which ever) . You sincerely do keep it real, refusing to let us run off in myriad directions believing half baked ideas. I love your honesty. And your refusal to to allow us go down the self indulgent rabbit hole. Or the BS one. Most appreciated.

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