Your Intuitive Edge – Episode 14

Potential is something that we all possess, but it does require midwives so that it can move from the realm of your possibilities into actual manifestation. And amongst the most important of these ‘midwives’ are Soul Esteem, Confidence, and Courage.

Yet many of us, try as we might, seem to fall short of adequate Esteem, Confidence, and Courage when it comes to birthing our Potential. And what I’ve discovered in my work spanning over 20 years, is that we often don’t become all that we can be because of the inadequate nature of the Truths we are aligned to – many of our Truths and beliefs simply lack the proper voltage to animate Soul Esteem, Confidence, and Courage.

And without this trio of Forces, your Potential isn’t getting out the door. In fact, it’s the Truths that you are unconsciously and consciously connected to that determine the quality of empowerment that fuels your life. And nothing can gift you with Soul Esteem, Confidence, and Courage like aligning to the intuitive nature of Mystical Truth.

This YIE Episode is the first lesson of my course: Soul Esteem, Confidence, & Courage – Aligning to the Intuitive Nature of Mystical Truth

In this Episode you’ll learn:  

  • What Truths you are unconsciously aligned to and how that collapses your Potential -What comprises your Esteem-System
  • The dangers of many Self-Help and Coaching Models of Esteem, Courage, & Confidence
  • The Truth Technician Archetype
  • Activating True Authenticity
  • Why your Past is always Present
  • The Truth of the Bodhisattva Soul Contract & Archetype
  • How Shame has created various Metaphysical Models of Truth
  • The karmic consequences of every Truth you are aligned to
  • What really guides you into your Potential Mystical

Truth is more than just what you ‘believe’ to be true, it’s intuitive, alive, present, holographically active, and allows you to perceive clearly the Truth that you are enough – no matter what. It’s far bigger than what your mind can fully grasp, yet communicates through your intuitive senses non-stop.

I hope that you will engage the entire powerful 3-Part online web course I’ve put together on this subject matter, complete with an additional hypnosis program, as I teach you what the intuitive nature of Mystical Truth is, and how you can align to it every day such that you activate new found Soul Esteem, Confidence, and move in your life with Courage – thus taking step after step into new Potential.

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  • You cut through the bullshit in the most beautiful, loving, empowered way. You help me see clearly what I have always known intuitively, giving truth a solidity, shape, texture, and divine alignment that no other teacher has. I feel recharged, like I’ve plugged in to the purest, cleanest power source. What a gift you have and are, Robert Ohotto.

  • Hi ,

    Thank you for this intuitive edge , its really touched and added new insights and balanced perspective.

    Warm regards

  • I love this Robert, thank you for sharing your gifts of insight. It has been spot on for my life. I recently felt denounced by a friend in a time of vulnerability by an attitude of spiritual superiority. How soul crushing! Luckily I did not accept his condemnation, I realized his version of spirituality was a crutch, and his esteem was not coming from his soul. I am learning …

    Thank you for the validation from your quote about having the heart muscle needed and the strength that implies.

  • I very much appreciated your teaching today as I feel it cuts to the core of my own confusion about the nature of empowerment and how to live it in a practical way. The segment on coaching and new age approaches was especially enlightening as this is an area I have often found confusing on my personal path and as a professional in the ‘helping arena’. I am often confused by the work of teachers such as Abraham Hicks who in principle sounds logical but in practice feels disheartening. The message I hear is that if I can’t summon up enough positive feeling, I will miss out on the abundance others find easy to manifest. I am learning to trust that this feeling of ‘missing out’ is a signal that this approach is not going to support my Soul in the long-term, however your teaching today brought real clarity and gave me more confidence to trust in this sense. I am looking forward to the next episode. Thank you for sharing this is generously.

  • Gay comment (1) said what I was feeling . Thank you Gay.
    Long way away in another continent, but hold dearly to the gentleness and closeness that Robert’s words offer in his videos. Am signing up because his teaching is so clean and has intention is so generous.

  • Thanks very much, Robert, for this insightful, thought-provoking as well as enriching and heart-warming YIE! Well done for the “laser beam” clarity on conventional or convenient truth, aka bs! Heartfelt gratitude for your helpful messages. Blessings galore. Namaste!

  • Thank you Robert. Your teachings and shattering truths always come at the perfect time. Appreciate you and your work.

  • Hi Robert, Thank you for sharing your wonderful talks, gifts and information. I have only recently become aware of them and I am delighted and so grateful they are in my life now.
    This self esteem, courage and confidence talk really resonates with me. One thing that came up was this whole issue with comparison or comparing oneself – how this can really affect self esteem. Where does this fall within our Archetypes? I know again a learnt pattern that is to be broken.
    Thank you once again for all you share.

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