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Few of us understand the power of Goals and what they ask of us when we create them. Most notably, we are unaware that every Goal we set – whether written down in a journal or posted on a vision board – asks us to begin an archetypal process of Mountain Climbing toward its Summit.

In this YIE Insight video, watch as Robert explores new teachings on Goal setting and attainment through the Six Phases of Mountain Climbing.

In this video you’ll discover:

  • The Power of Goals
  • What’s activated when you set a Goal
  • Why it’s essential to approach Goals ‘holographically’
  • The difference between ‘To Do Lists’ and Goals
  • Why Vision Boards don’t work & why creating Goals is a Sacred Process
  • What the ‘Dark Night of the Goal’ is…
  • Soul Contracts & Goals
  • Becoming a Mystical Mountain Climber
  • The Six Archetypal Phases of Mountain Climbing

This YIE Insight was taken from Robert’s full 2-Part/5-Hour Bonus Course: Ascension – Mastering the Archetypal Steps of Reaching Your Goals. If you want to go deeper into the Six Phases required to reach your Goals and learn which Goals are genuine to your Destiny via an entirely new model of both goal setting and achievement – click below to explore this bonus course that is part of Robert’s HoloKompass Astrological Online Web Series Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn.

Jupiter Retrograde with Ascension Bonus Course


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