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As part of our human journey, we are each scheduled to experience numerous challenging and chaotic cycles in Life. Thus, you are always about to enter, are in, or are in the process of leaving a Chaos Cycle in some area of your Life as part of the creative renewal of your Destiny.

Additionally, you are often in Chaos Cycles that are happening to something larger than you that you are part of – a Chaos Cycle may take your city, state, or nation by storm, taking its toll on you personally, summoning you to a Dark Night journey as part of a collective karma.

While such Cycles are unavoidable and not necessarily a bad thing – the position from which you engage the alchemy of these Cycles often determines how dark it gets, how long it lasts, and whether you transform the lead of a Chaos Cycle into the Divinely Ordered Gold of New Potential.

Is there a way to work with a Chaos Cycle that can bring a sense of ‘empowered order’? Does the empowered order need to change when it’s a Chaos Cycle in your career vs. family? Is there such a thing as a Chaos Cycle in your Spirituality? Do these Cycles have a predictable timing that can be identified and mastered? Is there a way to ignite miracles that can change everything during such dark times? – The answer to all these deep questions is YES!

Get to the YES of these questions via this YIE Insight – which is packed full of many insights, all of which are taken from my massive 6-Part Course ‘Igniting Miracles in the Dark – An Archetypal Guide through Cycles of Chaos and Challenge’ that I taught on

If you’d like to go deeper – these are the six lessons that comprise the full course:

Lesson 1: The Six Stages of a Chaos Cycle
Lesson 2: Chaos Cycles of Identity & Ego
Lesson 3: Chaos Cycles of Relationships & Family
Lesson 4: Chaos Cycles of Health & Money
Lesson 5: Chaos Cycles of Career & Spiritual Calling
Lesson 6: Chaos Cycles of Mysticism & the World

You learn more and check out my full course HERE »

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3 years ago

Thank you so much for sharing this Robert.

I’m still drying my eyes remembering praying for a miracle that couldn’t come and how I was told that it wouldn’t be granted because,” I could no longer live in my old life.” This lesson hit home in so many ways.

Sending love,


3 years ago
Reply to  Angel

Robert, The generosity to share your knowledge with such love, in my experience is unprecedented. I can feel the honesty and integrity of your being.
Thank you

2 years ago

I was thrilled to listen to videos. So much wisdom. The power it brings is quite liberating 🙂 thank you so much 🙂

1 year ago

Thank you for this. I love that you’ve presented this material with humour; it’s so refreshing. I recognize some of the underlying principles and can tell that you’ve got the knowledge and experience and that you’ve done the work to back it up. I know that I’ll sign up for a course because I want to learn more!