Your Intuitive Edge – Episode 7

This episode contains some excerpts from my latest Webcast Event and is perfect for the Mercury Retrograde that just began, check it out!

Here’s some of what’s covered:

  • A new esoteric teaching on Mercury Retrograde
  • Important dates for the Mercury Retrograde in Pisces
  • The ‘X-factor’ space in your Destiny and Soul Contract
  • Pisces & Mystical Power
  • Approaching Mercury Retrograde as an Intuitive Technician, not superstition
  • The Mechanics of Mercury Retrograde
  • When you should and shouldn’t make decisions during a Mercury Retrograde
  • Creating ‘Vibrational Interventions’ in your Life

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  • I simply want to thank you Robert for sharing your synergistic method through these free presentations. As a participating metaphysician for nearly 50 years, I can attest to the volume of meta-babble that is out there for anyone to find and am inspired by and intrigued by your grounded approach. There is enough superfluous la-la information available to float the world and it is refreshing to listen to you. Though I have not, yet, invested in your tools I do appreciate you and the profound insights you offer. So again, Thank YOU for sharing. p/s though I do not have a ‘website’ I offer my google page as a proxy.

  • Thank you. I was particularly interested in what you had to say about the ‘trickster’ archetype, and the ‘rightful’ place it does have in the ‘grand scheme’ of things; as well as the insight and possible future direction to be gained by its sometimes ‘meddlesome’ presence. Whilst I do feel the nudge of its power to drive me inwards, and hopefully outwards, I am struggling with boundaries of acceptability; most especially when the ‘tricks’ used impact on health and personal safety and fall into a category of its own called ‘violence’. This ‘dark’ area of reality impedes both decision making and progress; yet I know I am being called to do it. I do need help though – there are some decisions that require Higher guidance and Love.
    And I thank you Robert.

  • Thank you, Robert. Thought/felt this was fantastic… one of your best. There were moments where I was not sure if you were speaking about a mercury retrograde or one in Pisces– found that a bit confusing. In any case, many thanks. Judith

  • I have been following you for 4 years. Your interpretation and intuitive insight is amazing. My life soul card is The Hermit; consequently I have needed to personally experience a lot in my life and then disappear into myself to figure out the connections. I realized, after 57 years on this planet that my father is a covert narcissist, while I played the Victim Archetype. This threw me into a dark night of the soul. I made a decision to take back my power (my solar plexus has been exhausted) in pre Merc Retro and never speak to him again. I felt absolutely amazing after my choice. Two days ago I had to tell my brothers and was met with their total FEAR as I will change the family dynamic forever. I started feeling the same powerlessness and guilt over my decision. Today on a walk in my favorite woods my soul told me that the only person who had to understand my choice was ME. I was giving away my power for trying to justify my decision, causing me an imbalance. Robert, this video totally affirmed that people can make huge life changes during Retrogrades. There is magic and power in change. So grateful for your light🙏🏼💙🌟🌻

  • Thank you so much Robert! This was truly useful and insightful! I cannot state just how much you helped me understand what is happening in my life these past couple of weeks, but also what the trickster is trying to saw me. Thank you so much, many blessings! <3

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