Your Intuitive Edge – Episode 6

Please enjoy this lecture that I gave during Caroline Myss’ Weekend Workshop in San Diego 2019 ‘Medical & Spiritual Intuition’. You can download the audio below.

Some of the topics addressed:

  • The Astrological Ages
  • How Soul Contracts work
  • What it means to move from Outer Law to Inner Law
  • Chiron, Tribalism, & Shamanic Consciousness
  • What an Astrological Sun Sign really is
  • Generational Cycles, Social Cycles, Family Cycles, and Personal Cycles
  • The Nature of Dark Night Cycles
  • Dark Cycles of Chaos & Challenge
  • The Guide Archetype
  • The need for inner Mystical Parents to become a Spiritually Mature Adult
  • The Dark Night of your Esteem-System
  • A closing guided meditation

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Helen Ellis
Helen Ellis
3 years ago

It was great! Namaste.

Karen Nielsen
Karen Nielsen
3 years ago
Reply to  Helen Ellis

So awesome to be reminded of how to get thru the darkness. So interesting, and easy to understand. I am surrendering and making the best of it. Much easier now. Thank You Robert Ohotto!

3 years ago

The clarity you share every time you speak touches my soul.

Thanks for reminding me that I am already enough.

Every opportunity you offer to allow me to hear about True North with your teaching and guidance are deeply appreciated.


3 years ago

oh my yes, thank you for your work!! Truly enjoying how my ego is having to be real with my heart right now. Thank you for helping me to laugh at myself and see what I have to hold and release and surrender to.

R. Boyd
R. Boyd
3 years ago

I am listening to this as a Red Moon takes place. I love your directness about self help and victim hood. As a person going through my latest dark night, your question of “how do I change me so the dark isn’t so dark” (paraphrase) is the perfect question for me to ponder.
Thank you for all you do and goodies you share.
Have a blessed day!

Claudia Larsson
Claudia Larsson
2 years ago

amazing! thank you! <3

Jackie DeCuffa
Jackie DeCuffa
1 year ago

Really wish I could be a part of this workshop in this format (in person, interactive). Also, I still can’t wrap my head around how the astrological eras for our planet/civilization are moving backwards? Dawn of civilization happened in the era of Leo, then moved backwards through Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries, and Pisces and now were in Aquarius, so that means the next age will be Capricorn, Sag, etc? I find this interesting because in humans, the signs progress starting from Aries (the baby) and ending in Pisces, with more “evolved” signs as you go from Aries to Pisces. Does… Read more »