In this excerpt taken from my new 8-Lesson Online/On-demand Course on, I explore these Six Mystical Laws and how your Archetypes work with them via a ‘Magnetic Attraction Power/Value Exchange’.

Going deeper, I also explore how your Soul Archetypes get blocked, and what happens once they are. Which leads me to a discussion on the Unrequited Lover, Wicked Queen, and Healer Archetypes – where they come from, and what they attract/repel, and how to shift.

Explore in this video whether you have a Soul Archetype that’s blocked, and what’s truly at the core of who’s in your Life and why per your Unconscious Magnetics!

It was a pleasure to team up with Caroline Myss again and teach my fifth course on! ENJOY!

Click here to explore the entire 8-Lesson on-demand course »

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2 years ago

Robert you’re such a brilliant star and , you’re style of teaching is sooo fun! You’ve got it all — mind body, and spirit ! Rock on!

Wendy Wiebe
Wendy Wiebe
2 years ago

I wish you showers of gratitude Robert.
Each reflections parallel builds on one another. I have found they have timeless information to go back and watch again to retrieve what’s needed for growth, healing and direction to inner guidance.
It feels good to come alive, to learn how to navigate being me!
And I absolutely love when you say “so much love for you!”
I find myself now saying it too!
So much love for you

Judith Dreyer
2 years ago

Thank you again Robert for your deep insights. I appreciate your teaching, your sharing, and your wisdom.

Justice Caban
2 years ago

Thank you for helping me awaken my intuitive spirt. Your helping me get though a tough time in my life, and guiding me on the correct course. Love your work and knowledge. Your such a beautiful soul.
much love
peace ✌🏽
-Justice A. Caban

1 year ago

I am new Margaret enjoying learning about and putting names to everything around us sharing knowledge. I am playing catch up on many of your classes. I give thanks to Oparh for episode on Carolyn Myss whom now as opened my door to you. I finished the episode 3 on and I do keep notes to refer back, my greatest decision now is moving to another state. I do consider myself to be have many intuitive levels that activate at time and I feel I am in that serial where have just sit and make that soul pray. You are… Read more »