Your Intuitive Edge – Episode 13

The Power of Intuitive Boundaries

  • Are boundaries something you still seem to struggle with?
  • Do you find yourself caught in the extremes of either so many boundaries that your needs don’t get met, or too few such that you are wiped out by the violations of others?
  • When online do you often feel contaminated by the psychic funk of the World?
  • Still feeling drained around certain family members and the narcissists in your Life?

If you answered YES to any of these questions this YIE Episode is for YOU! Watch to find out why he thinks you should throw out the old school models of boundary management, and instead learn how to manage your boundaries intuitively!

In this Episode learn:

  • The Anatomy of Your Boundary System
  • What’s really creating your Boundaries & how to take control
  • How & why you violate your own Boundaries
  • The Boundaries that need to be managed ‘Out There’ vs. ‘In Here’
  • What it means to ‘Intuitively Manage’ your Boundaries

It’s time for the new school boundary management model!

If you want to go further into this topic take Robert’s 4-Part online course on Boundaries & The Intuitive Heart

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Lois Gruber
Lois Gruber
2 years ago

Deep relevance here in my view. Thanks, Robert.
Am still reviewing evolve or repeat. Wow, this is helpful,both.

Lois Gruber
Lois Gruber
2 years ago
Reply to  Lois Gruber

Rather, am still ingesting, not reviewing.

Heidi Rose Neumann
Heidi Rose Neumann
1 year ago

I am so thankful for this. I am so needing to grow in relationship to healthy boundaries. I have been perpetrated well… and I am in recovery. This is so helpful. I think you term it shadow rescuer without you I would be in big trouble here. Thank you Teacher.

Last edited 1 year ago by Heidi Rose Neumann
7 months ago

Such profound insight, I have a new perspective of boundaries to contemplate.