Your Intuitive Edge – Episode 12

This Episode is comprised of excerpts taken from the first lesson of Robert’s 20-Lesson Online Master Class: You Can Do Magic

In this Episode Robert keeps it real while he offers some of his latest findings regarding the manifestation of Human Potential, how you can change your Life Blueprint/Soul Contract, the Power of Real Magic vs. Fantasy Magic, the Magician Archetype, and what it takes to become an X-Factor of magical co-creation.

Some topics explored include:

  • Horizontal vs. Vertical Manifestation
  • Vision Boards vs. Magic Boards
  • What Power Grids of Co-Creation Are
  • Why you’ll never be more powerful than a Pattern you don’t identify and change
  • The missing and inconvenient elements of Magic that Spirituality/Self-Help often leaves out
  • Why illusory ‘by-passes’ keep you from doing real Magic

And much more!

Learn more and take the full 20-Lesson Master Class here…

You Can Do Magic Online Master Class

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4 years ago

For you Robert Ohotto
Reference Abraham Heschel ,
“ God in Search of Man “
For truly you have the ability to reveal so safely, what so mystically is hidden .

Ruth Miriam Cohen

4 years ago

When you set a goal you are calling in a dark night… thank you for sharing this… it helps me accept myself and my emotions when the dark night starts to dawn. And then your idea about moving into it consciously and calling in the archetypes that will support you…. could mean asking for help or using your strengths…. thank you toward questions that will open doors.