I’m back with a message for the Holidays – Enjoy!

  • Do you find that there are certain people that know just how to get under your skin and send you into a tail spin?
  • What are your Soul Agreements with those that trigger you the most?
  • Why are there some people in your life that, no matter what you do, you just can’t hold your center when around them?
  • Want to know what causes you to compulsively abandon yourself again and again in some relationships?
  • Are you tired of people projecting their Shadow onto you via blame/scapegoating and want a way out of being their projection screen?
  • Have you found yourself in throw-downs with folks online that you just can’t shake off?

If you said yes to any of these questions, I’m up to something next week on Myss.com that you won’t want to miss! Click here to learn more!

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  • Robert,
    GREAT series! I’ve been shadow dancing with a Marine (I’m Army Veteran) since spring of 2016.. and this series has been amazing!
    Now, I have a question, I have a farm.. to bring alternative soul healing to Veterans.. to connect us with Mother nature .. and our star dust origins.. so I had a young Veteran.. who met the forces of evil in somalia, and I believe was taken over by the invisible child. he came to me by the force of his mother.. and I know now I was shadow dancing with him.. but he wouldn’t talk.. so I’m not sure how I could have done better.. I’d love to have a few minutes to speak with you!

  • Hi Robert, I hope you’re well.
    Is the link to this course still available please?

    I’ve just discovered you 🙂 by way of a Myss post on Facebook – my sister I’m sure knows all about you as she’s chatted about this before but I wasn’t ready for it then. She’s definitely my soul sister 🙂

    From a quick glance online your prices are sadly too high for me atm so I’m trying to get as much free stuff as I can 🙂 I believe you’re worth it but I do think you’ll miss helping many with those prices.

    I just love what you’re saying – it’s nice to hear my own musings reflected back at me confirming my own calculations in many many ways.

    I would love to do what you do for a living – I’m amazed you were ready so early – i approached psychology when I was young but didn’t feel ready I wanted to experience life first & first hand – I also had lots of healing to do & prob still do – it never ends hey but I now feel ready to help others without my own shit getting in the way so much.

    I’m in Australia but I’d love to come over & study with you on how to do what you do over here – is that a possibility? If not what is? This is so needed here. While I think deep down Australians are spiritual it’s definitely not as open as it is in the US but it’s so needed IMO. I would love to help pioneer it.

    I’m definitely in that chaos mode you mentioned about it began a few years ago as Saturn went through my 12th house & my new cycle began. I used to be light & fluffy & my sisters wish I still was but the weight of what I know now & what I’ve been through is too much. I enjoyed that time in my life but I accept my responsibility – my soul contract as you would call it & I’d like to help others find their light & fluffy. I feel the the world is way too serious about business about what we should & shouldn’t be doing but I don’t know how to bring that to actuality – actualisation – you seems to have achieved that marvellously – I’m so proud of you but I’m still struggling with it.

    Until then I’m finishing my counselling course & trying to stabilise myself.

    Anyway, I’ve gone on way too much.

    It’s just nice to know you & your followers are out there 🙂

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