Your Intuitive Edge – Episode 1

3-D Intuition Won’t Cut it, You Need to Upgrade to Holographic Intuition!

When it comes to intuition, most of us primarily function in the 3-D realm of perceiving intuitive data, while losing access to the Holographic True North of our Potential. What does it mean to develop ‘Holographic Intuition’? How does Holographic Intuition give you the optimal Intuitive Edge in every area of your Life? Tune in to find out and get ready to go from 3-D to Multi-D with your Intuition in Robert’s debut YIE show!


  • Dear Robert,
    I just watched this and found it so helpful….talking right to the edge that I find myself on just now. This is such an intense year of accelerated growth and a powerful push from within
    to surrender and integrate the old wound so that intuitive guidance can flow with more ease and be heard more clearly.
    I love what you said about the Trickster and how we keep ourselves in a loop by asking questions that require a yes/no answer. I’m learning to stay in the gap and follow the process!
    With Jupiter about to pass over my South Node in Scorpio
    closely conjunct Chiron which is also square Saturn Pluto conjunction in Leo,this could be a very liberating time. I also
    benefited greatly from you Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio series. Thank you so much.😊

  • Hi Robert

    This opening class was phenomenal.. I loved the new insights, especially as Flow above commentated, the reality of the trickster when we push for answers that just aren’t available. I feel excited and empowered by the prospect of deepening my intuition in ways that require a new level of skill that you can teach us. I found my edge when I couldn’t sense any of the culture, family, denials that you led us through in the 2 hour free lecture on intuitive edge that was from signing up to the newsletter. Expecting my intuition it to be just ‘there’ I felt that familiar frustration and then the old sense of being unable to ‘ever’ to do it. It felt so different to then ‘hug’ not slay the dragon! Fabulous…. am really so grateful and looking forward to all of this series, though probably because of time zones, unable to listen live. Who knows, maybe the midnight oil will burn! thank you.

      • I could say it speaks to me in more ways than you’ll ever know, but on one level you do. I am so filled with gratitude for your extraordinary gifts and delight in sharing with us…. my life is radically changed due to your teachings and gifts and to have you amongst us, at this time is a Blessing that I am eternally grateful for. May it return to you in infinite ways.

  • Hello Robert,

    I have been following your teaching for a few years and I have not left a comment before. However, I just want to thank you for your work, your gift (s), and for your sharing of these and for making so much material available free of charge. There are many of your courses I would love to buy but as yet have not been able to. I therefore appreciate you making this series available to people like me. I cannot tell you how much your work, your teaching and your profoundly comforting warmth, has helped me to forge my own personal path to intuitive freedom. I am not totally there yet and suffering grinding creative blocks and apathy are issues I will be addressing with your help. I want to send you lots of love – and I mean that in the true sense of being able to in some way reciprocate for all that you give to me. I am honoured to be part of your extraordinary blessing and remain a faithful and loving student! many many thanks. Alex

  • Excellent webinar. Thank you.
    During a two year transit of Neptune on my Pisces ascendant, the Trickster has been front and centre. This was the perfect information for now.

  • Thank you so much Robert! Your clear presentation of this information is very interesting & thorough. I enjoyed this video!

  • Flawsome! I enjoy your classification of the words psychic and intuitive. I love being guided intuitively when working with clients. I know the more abstract and unfamiliar the messages and imagery, the more optimal the interpretation will be for them, I find. Looking forward to the remainder of the classes and your enlightened and humorous approach.
    Oakland, Ca

  • Hi Robert. I can just say wow, well spoken and very insightful. Thank you soo much! Exactly what I needed in this moment in time. Feel so blessed. Warm regards. Beatrice

  • Robert, thank you so much for this first webcast. The timing is fantastic as I move in to a big transition. Your guidance around remaining process-oriented and not projecting and being aware of all the areas that influence – family, culture, country, etc. is perfect.
    I recognize the point I am at right now and recognize the potential to repeat the same “mistakes” (I’m thinking trickster has stepped in in the past at this point). I believe your words will be immensely helpful!
    Looking forward to hearing more!

  • I could listen to you all day and never get bored!

    You are truly a master of your craft and have such clear sight. It’s a shame that your genuine mastery, intelligence and sensible wisdom has to share the stage with spiritual peddlers and well meaning, but misdirected people operating in the “new age” sector. I hope more and more people find your work and don’t get distracted by the shiny lights of others out there.

    I had to laugh at your example of deciding someone was a soulmate and refusing to listen to the truth and giving into the trickster. I literally did exactly that with a guy. Literally everything you said, I did, ha! I knew they weren’t right, but I wouldn’t except it and did everything I could to bend reality to my will. Naturally the universe didn’t let it happen and it blew up in my face.

    I love what you said about embracing the optimal conditions in the present and how intuitive guidance helps to allow whatever is the optimal in the now. I have got so caught up in a particular goal or life purpose to aspire to in the future. I didn’t really consider that my purpose could be to open up my intuition to whatever is the optimal for me now, and to allow that to be my guide.

    Love everything you said about projection vs perception. I will become more mindful of when I’m doing that. I do it a lot, I think.


  • Thank you Robert! This was incredibly helpful and I learned a lot. It particularly applies to a situation I’m facing in my life right now – so the timing was perfect! Looking forward to learning more next week!

  • So helpful…thank you! I especially appreciated the explanation of asking the yes/no questions of guidance rather than the process questions…but I have never known how to ask the questions except in yes/no! So much freedom experienced with simply asking in a process kind of way.
    Just recently I heard myself saying…I feel tricked! I thought I was on course with my purpose and reason for being here with my business…then my husband got a diagnosis of a very rare cancer (I am in the health field…lol) and I feel like my life has taken a 90 degree turn ‘preceived’ as going off course!
    I am SO ready for this lesson from the shadow and am ready to say…bring it on…as I make chicken bone broth, plan meals and get ready for the long haul of recovery to health where I get to be my life partner’s companion as he gets on board with this divine kick in the trickster butt. He was supposed to retire next year…thank you for being here Robert with your hard won wisdom, your ability to find humor and for being able to come from a place of ‘hey…been there.’
    Thank you!

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