Did you know that the Zodiac Sign of Taurus actually is present in all of us and plays a massive part in how we relate to our worthiness and assign value to our material experience of Life?

Did you also know that there are actually THREE Phases to the Mercury Retrograde, and that this current Mercury Retrograde isn’t over when you might think it is?

Yes, indeed to all of the above!

In this video find out the role Taurus plays in your Psyche & the exact dates for all Three Phases of this Mercury Retrograde…

And, as we finish the actual retrograde on May 14th, 2023 – this video will help you look back at the activated Themes & Archetypal Patterns of this Retrograde so that you can prepare for the upcoming final phase of it — The Integration Phase!

In this video I cover:

  • Why we each have Taurus energy inside of us, no matter our Zodiac Sign
  • The Three Phases of this Mercury Retrograde as a Process that lasts until May 31st
  • Identifying your personal Taurus Themes & Archetypes of this Mercury Retrograde
  • Shadow Stability vs. Mystical Stability
  • What ‘Taurus Stubborn’ is really about…
  • Using your Thoughts to track and identify your Archetypes during this Mercury Retrograde Process
  • Why working with the Gardner Archetype is a necessity during this Mercury Retrograde and its Integration Phase

My new Cosmic Guidance Series for 2023 which includes a 6-Part Series on The Jupiter Cycle for 2023, an upcoming Series on Saturn in Pisces, and – for a limited time – a 3-Part Series on this current Mercury Retrograde Process which finishes its final phase on May 31st!

You can check out the Cosmic Guidance Series for 2023 here:

The Cosmic Guidance Package - Gone Forever Oct. 18! Join Now

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Michelle Williamson
Michelle Williamson
1 year ago

Wow! Perfect timing and so grateful for this insight! This has stemmed a major downward spiral for me into my default setting and has given me the grace to rebuild my foundation! Yes it’s another rebuild! But it’s a rebuild on self worth, integrity, honesty, safe space to express. Thank you so much Robert!