What happens to your energetic system, psyche, and body when you leave the present moment for too long? Find out why Ohotto says if you leave for too long through patterns that time-warp your system, you will go into the ‘Debt of Non-Presence’. Discover how this can manifest in your life so you can recognize it and the price you might have to pay before you can come back into present time! This show is so powerful that there will be a Part II! Find out how you can download it for free in this podcast!


  • How can I determine where the debt of non presence has manifested into financial debt? What can I do to course correct so the core of that is healed?

  • Thank you Robert. Your podcast arrived on my birthday and has been a profound birthday present. I had become aware that I had the irrational unconscious belief that I needed to worry about something in order to effect the outcome. Your podcast has confirmed how this effects my being present to accurate intuition. I now realise that the only thing worry does is limit my ability to see what is.

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