Your Intuitive Edge – Episode 5

Are you tired of being stuck in the same Patterns from your Family? Looking for a way to stop replicating the same painful loop and move the ‘f’ on? If you want rock star guidance on how to break from your past Ohotto Style, don’t miss this show!

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  • Perfect timing, as always Robert! Two weeks ago, my ex-husband tried to kill himself with pills and booze, just like my father did when I was 19 years ago. Both survived. Both terrify me at what their narcissism and paranoia are capable of. Especially hurting others. Hurting me.

  • I live in Switzerland so it would be difficult to attend live. Will the session be recorded?

    Thanks and best regards

  • This is great! I have been working on this and I have seen how I played out family patterns. Thank you so much for all you do to wake us up and break the patterns.

  • How do you know if you’re stuck in a karmic family pattern or if you’re living out your soul contract? Same question as far as if you have an archetype (unrequited lover) or if you’re living out your soul contract?

    And how do you deactivate an archetype when you can’t get help? Last week you said we need help and listed a few ways, but what if there aren’t any helpers that believe something other than traditional christian religion?

    • I hope you get picked- I love this question! I often wonder if it’s the agreement in action (my tribe/family of origin not being the soul tribe I’ve grown to need) vs. me needing to change my patterns, requiring new archetypes of destiny coming online, so “they” don’t trigger me…

  • Ever since I was around 14 years old, I went through a traumatic event when i went on a routine visit to see my Aunt with my Mother and when we entered the living room my Aunt was in a wheel chair with her leg amputated from the knee down. It was a complete & utter shock to me and I turned to my Mother and said, “why didn’t you tell me?!” She replied , “I thought I did….” and the rest becomes a fragmented story which now, after about 40 years, I have recently pieced together the remnants of an awakenning experience brought on by this initial trauma. However, at the time I did not understand what was happening to me and no one else could either. My reaction was very dramatic and I suffered a lot of physical pain in my legs & pelvis very shortly after my initial shock. This experience seems to be connected to very real physical symptoms which have in the past been debilitating to my dance studies as a teenager and young adult but also eventually led me on a deep path of pursuit into the Healing Arts for personal healing as well as vocation. However ~ recently it has resurfaced again in a very deeply physical way, inhibiting my ability to walk sometimes. It comes & goes and remains deeply mysterious~
    However, I am willing to release this once & for all if possible and want to fully Integrate it so that I may offer my healing work to the world in a deeply effective and successful way. Robert, I have been following & growing from your work for maybe a year or more now and when I saw the theme for this evening today I thought~ YES! maybe Robert has an insight to offer me which is a piece of my 40+ year project with this seemingly continually illusive material.

  • I will unfortunately not be able to make it to the live session today due to a previous commitment. I WILL watch the recording.
    Just to say I now realize it is ‘all my responsibility’, ‘all of it’: activating, recruting, deactivating certain patterns in my way of being, thinking, and doing. Thank you so much Robert! Have a great session everyone.

  • Your shows are always helpful and amazing Robert!
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do. I cannot imagine my life without your voice in it.
    Love Annde

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