Your Intuitive Edge – Episode 2

What blocks your Intuitive Guidance? How can you recognize the signs that you are blocked? Is it possible that your ‘life confusion’ and feeling lost are signs of ‘Intuitive Constipation’? What are the best ways to unblock your Intuitive System and keep your compass steady? Find out the top 5 blocks to your Intuition while Ohotto breaks down how to see clearly again in this dynamic show!

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  • So much wisdom for the intuitively blocked and constantly curious being. You give so much light to the nature of living with no conditions for ourselves and others. Where boundaries are good while accepting others — a life long journey of learning I feel. You’re right on where we rely so much on our intuition that we forget there are things that I don’t need to know or can just wait to see unfold… so helpful. Thank you so much. Loved “junk in the trunk” and “slow the frack down”… so good to hear your wisdom again!! Blessings and much gratitude.

  • I’m learning so much from Robert’s vid. Clear, precise and delivered with humour too. He continues to steer me in the direction of seeing through my BS and opening to new and different channels in which to perceive. Blessings.

  • I am very grateful for your videos, they seem to show up just as I need them, and I am so thankful that the internet allows your assistance to reach people whom otherwise would never get to hear you.

    I am very blocked right now within an intense fear of my death. I find myself having paranoid thoughts about my health declining or me dying in some other way, worrying that my soul contract does not contain a long life, but a short, empty one. My fear of dying even finds its way into my dreams – I die in my dreams, or someone in my dreams portends my early death and I wake up afraid that my game of life will soon be over, before it has even begun.

    I can see after your video that my fear or death is in conflict with my agenda to live a long life of purpose. dying early would mean I don’t achieve anything. I would run out of time and not fulfil my potential.

    I take on board what you say about accepting you are blocked and can’t see clearly and I twill try to “slow down” and stop trying to have clarification about this particular fear. I keep asking, is this a metaphorical fear, or are you warning me that I literally don’t have long left? But truthfully, I don’t want to know if it’s not the answer my agenda wants, it would just scare me even more!

    That being said, I still wonder if you can ask for contracts to be changed. For example, if you really did have an early death in your contract, and you weren’t just being paranoid, could you change that? Do we have a choice with things as big as that?

  • Robert you are a very Good teacher! I have discovered you through Caroline and i have not been disappointed. I listen to your classes as well as hers. You each offer a bit different perspective which is useful. And i especially enjoy your talent in astrology😗. You have such a spiritual stamina that i am feeling superchallenged after your lectures to dive deeper beyond my Comfort Zones😃. Love . Eva from Poland

  • Your lesson on intuitive blocks found it’s way to me this evening. I am grateful for the guidance and the peace it brings. My soul thanks you for sharing your wisdom. Susan

  • I am so grateful for your teachings Robert! You have helped me in so many areas. I would love to see a show that describes how you do your intuitive “setup”. I was trained as an intuitive to do a particular physical and energetic grounding to prepare to do intuition. I would love to hear what that is for you, and how you open and close intuitive sessions. I also struggle with the split of being very intuitive in my work, and only letting a trickle of that flow in my daily life and life at home. I would love to work with bridging that gap in my daily life. Thanks so much!

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