Hey Everyone!

I know that it’s been a minute, both in terms of my radio show/podcasts as well as my newsletters – good news is you’re getting both today!

As a teacher, guide, counselor, etc, I’ve learned that one simply can’t teach/guide all the time – there need to be breaks during which life is lived, lessons are explored, and contemplation is engaged.

That said, my summer here in the northern hemisphere has been full of all that and more. And it kicked off with a trip to Munich/Bavaria, where I stayed for a couple weeks. The picture above is St. Michaels Church in Munich, where I experienced the nature of Prayer from a perspective I never had before.

By now it’s no secret that the past couple years have personally found me at a major life crossroads. Of course much of this I knew was coming via a sequence of Archetypal Activations that I knew were ahead per my expertise with HoloKompass Astrology. Yet often times one can never fully ‘know’ the content and choices a crossroads will present to you until you are actually standing there vulnerably in it.

It’s often at such major crossroads of choice that many of us question our lives. And in doing so, to receive guidance on what is possible or meant for us next in our Soul Contract and Destiny…we often pray. That’s exactly what I found myself doing in St. Michael’s Church, but from a new intuitive maturity that is the result of life lived and the thousands of readings I’ve done the past 15 years.

What came out of this for me was a massive download on how prayer actually works when asking for life guidance. I realized the answers we are given often fall into 4 distinct categories of response – and make no mistake, ALL Life Guidance Prayers get answered, no matter how big or small the crossroads and choices may be.

Yet, while I learned all prayers get answered via your intuitive system, there are prayers that get your Spiritual Guidance Team of the coach to activate alchemy and synchronicities in your life, and also prayers that cause them to sit right back down and send you some ‘Trickster Guidance’…

Having said that, today I offer you the following free download below. It has already been available for on-demand listening on my website for about a week and has been shared around via Facebook. The response has been incredible. I hope you’ll share this with the folks in your life that need it most.

I hope you enjoy the following free download, it’s loaded with life changing insights…you’ll never look at prayer or pray the same way again! Feel free to share your thoughts by writing me on my website or commenting on my Public Facebook Page on how the podcast has impacted you. For those who’ve already done so, THANK YOU…I always love reading your feedback!!

How Prayers Are Answered via Your Intuitive Guidance System!

Robert’s back with a new podcast! Find out why Prayers are always answered and how the answers speak through your Intuition. Learn how to discern whether the Universe is giving you a ‘no, yes, maybe, yes – but not yet, or ‘you can’t know the answer to that’ answer!

Find out the difference between ‘Process Guidance vs. Revelation Guidance’ and how both are connected and activated via Prayer. Discover why ‘Wounded Ego’ prayers lack the power to move your Guidance Team into action on your behalf and how to pray like a Co-Creator in this powerful podcast!

Additionally Learn:

  • What Prayer really is
  • How Prayer activates your Intuitive System
  • Difference between Soul vs. Wounded Ego Prayers
  • What animates your Spiritual Guidance Team
  • Difference between Process Prayer vs. Revelation Prayer
  • How Prayer can bridge you from one dimension of Potential to another