Do you have the soul contract of the ‘Light Worker’? How do you know? What is the real calling of someone that has this archetype? Find out why Robert feels this term is used way too casually in spirituality and self-help without a real understanding of what this pattern actually asks of you. Discover the other archetypes most associated with this aspect of purpose on this keeping it real show! To find out whether the ‘Light Worker’ is part of your purpose and how it plays out in your life – be sure to download and listen to this amazing show!

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  • oh my goodness… This podcast came right on time for me. You once again produced the lead&gold words that confirm my intuitions all over these last moths. I had to leave my former flight attendant job because I could not bear it any longer: I couldn´t afford any more self-disconnection and toxicity to my physical body, thank you for saying that aloud and clear! It is important to be able to explain one´s gut instinct decisions, after all 🙂 You are such a beautiful Boddhisatva-Wounded Healer-Shadow worker and Mystical Lover…I feel such sisterhood with you. I missed you sprinkling some astrological indicators for the light worker 😉 But no need- I know now it´s all about how one is contracted to channel and vessel the outer planets ( and most importantly how Aquarian energy features in one´s chart). I don´t know if you would agree with this, but I can indeed fall into a trance when I go astrological… I don´t live astrology in my mind, like most people do- it´s a skill of my soul… It´s a dear passion from my heart!! And you are the one who has showed me the way to GRACEFULLY re-discover it. GOD BLESS YOU ROBERT!!! In case you don´t remember, I am Rosana Cueto Merayo :))

  • Thank you so much for this conversation which I just listened to. I actually started to weep hearing the definition and descriptions of a light worker. While I wouldn’t be so bold to say I AM a light worker I certainly have felt the pain and currently I’m doing everything I can to try and mitigate the awful things that keep happening to me. I wish I could move to the light and feel security in my 70 year old life. Thank you.

  • You are spot on again you brilliant man! For year I wondered why people over-shared deeply personal stuff. Then I realized I was like a lightening rod for trauma; a walking confessional box. Sitting on the bus people told me who they’d murdered, walking the dog people have run over to me to offload their friend’s trauma, and yesterday I went for a nice massage and after 2 minutes the lady told me how her alcoholic father killed her pet dog and then died slowly by drowning in a bog. It used to shock me and I felt afraid that the world was a bad place. Now I know it’s a place where we experience other people’s energy and our own reactions and feelings in a dense, material form and subsequently heal or at least transmute the energy into grace. Life is a healing classroom, but you still need a light leader. Robert, you have no idea where your words land. I listen to them and they impact every person I meet. Gratitude xoxo PS the whole shame thing can also be inherited. Some of mine was about color and projected on me by my immigrant father. Fascinating stuff!

  • How excellently stated Claire! Thank You…I enjoyed reading it! Interesting how “To Do!” and “Be Done!” are built into One’s Life.

  • Wow. So much of this speaks to my own journey of personal healing to becoming an energy healer and teacher. I have recognized the term lightworker as describing what I do but never identified with it as a title or label. Also being an empath as part of my experience but not identifying with it as a label. In fact the process of recognizing and integrating all these patterns enables one to let them go as labels and use them as tools running in the background to support you. The path is then made clear to take you where you are meant to serve.

    Interesting perspective on the Bodhisattva archetype. The original Japanese tradition of Reiki has its roots in Shingon Buddhism where monks choose the Bodhisattva path. Reiki as it’s been mainstreamed in the west doesn’t always reveal that aspect of being with the darkness as a compassionate healer.

    Just before I did my advanced Reiki training back in 2004 I did a weekend class with Caroline Myss that explored the wounded, runaway healer and this podcast builds on so much of that. Will be sharing with my Reiki students for sure. Thank you!

  • Dear Robert
    The timing of hearing the wisdom that is flowing through you in sharing the truths of ligh tworker. I am grateful and it really has activated the will within to get started with all the archetypes and meeting head on with all the hosts within my house so I can get started with my mission.

  • Robert,
    I just love to hear your wisdom and knowledge on Archetypes and Astrology. I am a Caroline Myss Archetypical Consultant.I find that you are a great addition to the work I have learned.Thank you so much for your time and great energy.P.S. your work stands alone as well.🙏❤

  • A couple of days ago I was sitting in a nail salon having an SNS Mani (which takes nearly 2 hours) and I thought I”d use the time to play this through my earphones. I think it was after only about 10 minutes and I couldn’t stop tears running down my face as I listened to Robert talk about the inner life of a light-worker and the way life is experienced and felt – and how the wounded healer is usually also an accompanying archetype. Hearing you talk about the inner patterning was very moving for me as I’d never heard it expressed so coherantly and its given me much needed insight about my life path. Thank you so much Robert!!! I hope to do some more of your online courses around soul destiny soon.
    PS I’m sure the nail technician was wondering what was going on, she eventually gave me a box of tissues.

  • Thank you, Robert!! I recently joined instagram and learned how lightworker was being used on that platform (I followed the hashtag lol) as well as the critique of it’s use!

    In any case, when you talked about lightworkers being called to challenging situations and feeling no need to label to themselves as special, that really helped! I also loved hearing about the bodhissatva archetype, very interesting! <3

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