I have a NEW free lecture for you to enjoy as a gift for supporting my work! This is a lecture that I gave as a guest speaker at a Caroline Myss event in Sedona a few months ago.

I’ll also be releasing another free lecture download on Sun Signs & Relationships that I gave at another event later in May, stay tuned! For now…

Here’s some of what’s covered in this Video Lecture: 

  • What Sun Signs Actually Are
  • The difference between defining vs. revealing yourself via Astrology
  • How Culture & Gender matter to your Sun Sign Journey
  • What Archetypes Are
  • Your Optimal Position of Power within Psychic Weather Storms
  • What causes things to manifest from the Quantum Field into form
  • The Sacred aspects of the Ego
  • Your Cycles of Power & Awareness Development
  • Fiction Potential vs. True Potential
  • How to make Optimal Choices
  • The Chaos of Self-Sabotage vs. Chaos of Potential
  • What the Dark Night of the Ego asks of You
  • Being Psychic vs. Being Intuitive
  • And of course MUCH MORE…the video is being hosted on a page on my website, click below to check it out!

Please enjoy and feel free to share with your Friends, hope to see you for my Saturn in Capricorn Web Series! 

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5 years ago

Bless you Robert. Timing of this is so accurate with my own experiences leads me to knowing it does for so many of us now. The information clarified for me what to do when I knew I wasn’t dealing with my stuff and more importantly to identify and catch it faster. ROCK N ROLL! And yes, it was effected my physical health. I turned it around each AM with meditation and soul prayer. Now I’m learning a clearer understanding through this class. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. LOVE, Lisa F.

5 years ago

What is a family legacy, as is referred to in your lectures? Great teaching! – Thanks!