Please enjoy this lecture I gave during a workshop on Medical Intuition as a guest speaker for Caroline Myss and Norm Shealy. Also, if you want to go deeper you can check out the New Audio Series I based this lecture on via the link below. I’d love to hear your feedback (just keep it kind) beneath this video. Please feel free to share this video with anyone you think needs it or will resonate with its teachings. So great to reconnect with you ALL!

Here’s some of what’s covered in this video:

  • How Archetypes activate or sabotage Dimensions of Potential in your Life
  • What are Archetypes of Soul, Survival, and Destiny -The Bodhisattva Archetype in your Soul Contract
  • The Wounded Healer Archetype
  • The Adult Child Archetype
  • The Unrequited Lover Archetype
  • How to Deactivate a Rogue Archetype in Your Psyche
  • Special Breakout Session on The Trickster Archetype
  • Just in time for the MR!
  • How and why it activates
  • The Archetype most responsible for activating your Intuitive and Multi-Sensory Abilities
  • Living in an Image vs. Presence (cultural issue that will leave you powerless)
  • What creates a Miracle
  • Why healing requires getting out of the consciousness of an illness
  • And a deep look at the Astrological Archetype: Chiron Needless to say, this video is jam packed!

Here’s a link to the course I mentioned if you’d like to go further via my new course ‘Activating the Holographic Power of Your Potential – From the Dark Night to Rebirth’:

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