Co-Creating Your Destiny in Present Time Co-Creating Your Destiny in Present Time:
Fulfilling Your Highest Purpose in 2011

January 27-30, 2011 in Boulder, Colorado

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Many of us have heard of the idea that as human beings we ‘create’ our own reality. But what does that really mean? How does the idea that we create our own reality correspond to our Soul Contracts with Fate and Destiny? If we create our own reality, then why does our ‘reality’ not match up with our deepest ideals, aspirations, and hopes for our life?
We do indeed create our own reality, yet it’s not until we understand how the creation of reality works via our Soul Contracts and our psyche that we become empowered to create our reality consciously. The first realization we must embrace is that we play a major role in shaping the way our reality unfolds—along with the Divine Forces and Laws which also govern this process, rendering it a co-creative dynamic.
Furthermore, most of us spend our time co-creating reality via a time warp. We perceive life and our creative options not as they are in the present moment, but often through the traumas of our past, and even the traumas of our parents and ancestors! This impairs our ability to act as true co-creators of our own destiny and relegates us to the limits of our fated past. Creating in a time warp also inhibits what the Divine can do on our behalf!
With each New Year the co-creating of our lives becomes all the more urgent as we take time to review the previous year’s successes and failures, to assess where we are now, and to then create new goals for the year ahead. Yet, as we gear up to achieve our new goals, most of us are completely unaware that many of them will never be realized. Not because we are unworthy, incompetent, or lacking in ambition – rather, we simply can’t engage our highest potential because the truth is that we are co-creating our lives out of an old era of our history. Parts of our spirit and soul are stuck in the wounds of our past such that our efforts to co-create a destined life are sabotaged. It’s as if the gears of our life are simultaneously stuck in ‘drive’ and ‘reverse’ modes, effectively rendering us stalled on the plateau of life’s potential.
Join renowned Intuitive Robert Ohotto January 27th-30th in Boulder, Colorado for a ground breaking weekend intensive, “Co-Creating Your Destiny in Present Time” and make 2011 the year you put your life into drive! During this powerful weekend Robert will show you how to identify the ways you’ve been co-creating your life out of your past rather than your present potential. You’ll come to understand unconscious loyalties to your historical pain and how to truly release them, while identifying the new and emerging creative archetypal forces of your Soul’s Contract.
Discover what it really takes to become a designer of your own destiny!
Topics covered during this transformative weekend include:

  • How we co-create reality via a time warp
  • Understanding what it really means to co-create your Destiny
  • Identify trauma of the past that are creating your life
  • How wounds imprint your psyche and alter your perception of the moment
  • Intentionality and the Power of Choice
  • Guided meditations to identify, heal, and release you from the inherited pain of your ancestors
  • How our inherited ‘psychic DNA’ plays a part in how we experience and perceive reality
  • Identifying your ‘Shadow Loyalties’ and why you self-sabotage because of them
  • How to plan practical strategies for 2011 in flow with the upcoming dominant archetypal cycles of the year
  • Assessing how you unconsciously co-create your life out of cultural wounds
  • Understanding the Mystic and Addict archetypes as keys to being in present time
  • Becoming aware of when you leave the present moment
  • Identifying destined goals vs. wishful thinking
  • Techniques to get you back in present time
  • How to negotiate the present moment with your inner child
  • How to manage your boundaries when others are stuck in the past
  • Why being in present time unleashes your full co-creative power
  • How to align with your highest potential in any given moment
  • Engaging the shadow, subconscious mind, law of attraction, and understanding archetypal resonance to achieve harmony with your fullest potential
  • What your unique calling is and how to move toward it

And much more! Make a commitment to living your fullest Destiny in 2011. This may be the biggest step toward your highest potential that you ever take!

Course Outline

Thursday evening
6:00pm - 7:30pm Reception/Meet and Greet
8:00pm - 9:30pm Lecture
Friday and Saturday
9:00am - 6:00pm Full-day workshop
(breaks included) all meals on your own
9:00am - 11:00am Recap and Closing Ceremony


$465 fee includes:
- Course materials
- Light refreshments and beverages
- Entry to full weekend workshop


Although beverages and light refreshments will be provided during this weekend workshop, travel, lodging and meals are not included in the registration fee. However, you may take advantage of the Boulder Marriott discounted group rate by following the information below.
Boulder Marriott Room Reservations (Optional):
To book a room at the Boulder Marriott click here. Or call (303) 440-8877.   Register Now!


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