Hey Everyone!

I wanted to share with you a recent interview I did with Lilou Macé and give you a sense of what’s covered in it so as to incentivize you to take the time, slow down, and watch.

We are in a time of deep necessary shift within our needs for awakening to the next level of living our Destiny. I have been tracking this shift in earnest for the last four years. Much of the old ways we’ve thought about Purpose, God, Intuition, Destiny, the Soul, Karma, Love, Self-Improvement, Metaphysical Laws, and more…is now becoming obsolete. A new awakening is upon us and urgently needed. I greatly discuss this in this interview.

I also discuss what blocks your ‘Guidance Squad’ from speaking clearly to you through your intuition. The old school is on the way out, and the new school of thought is on the way in. Where do you locate yourself in this phenomenon? Watch this video and find out! I hope you enjoy this and share it with others in your life that are in much need of its message.

Get yourself something to drink, take a deep breath, and then just click on the video to open yourself to new insights and an entirely new way of living your Destiny! I hope this speaks to your heart. ENJOY!

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