Hey Everyone!

I am taking a break after just finishing my 6-week course ‘Igniting Miracles in the Dark’ on Myss.com. This course is, by far, one of the most transformational courses I have ever taught.

It was intense, packed with entirely new teachings that couldn’t be more relevant for where we are now in our personal challenges and collective evolution. What could be a more important teaching now than how to create miracles during these times of chaos?

Caroline and Myss.com have been flooded with emails praising the course. I must say that makes heart smile. In fact, Myss.com put together a montage video of the course that I’d like to share with you.

Not only will this offer you some amazing insights that I offered over the course of the past 6-weeks and moments of deep pause, it will also give you an obvious sense if the course might be right for you.

This course is administered by Myss.com and the entire course is now available as six on-demand video lessons, audio version downloads, and each lesson comes with a robust PDF Guide full of additional insights, questions for reflection, and exercises that compliment and enhance the course.

I hope you‘ll make the time to watch this free video, and I, of course, invite you to go even further by taking the entire course.

Lots of Love!

Robert : )

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  • Robert – I’m a newbie and man, oh man, am I overjoyed that I found you. You have struck every cord in my being that has been aching for direction, guidance, and what you so beautifully played – a voice of truth. I just reviewed the montage for the course on Chaos Cycles and I was sobbing. The direct hit of the information that flowed from you and was exactly what I have been trying to learn and find answers for the last 18 months brought me to my knees, and this was just the preview! I have been in this place of chaos exactly as you have described and yes, I’m still there. Now, I have hope. Hope that I have the teachings in my hands that will help me land in a place where my soul can be a beacon of light and share my genius with the tribe. I have only just begun, yet I cannot be more grateful to your for sharing your genius with this tribe. Many blessings, Renee

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