The Empathic Soul and Love Rebel 2.0 – 2022


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The Empathic Soul
& Love Rebel 2.0

2022 Edition

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In this new Masterclass it’s all about the LIGHT!

I couldn’t be more excited to continue this healing Empathic Soul to Love Rebel Journey with you! This time, teaching you the powerful Light Practices and Light Tools I’ve been working with for years.

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8 Lessons

During eight recorded webcasts Robert covers the dynamic nature of The Empathic Soul’s Contract and Potential.

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Lifetime access to the on-demand video and audio version, complete with PDF Guides!

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In The Empathic Soul & Love Rebel 1.0, I mapped deeply what it means to be an Empathic Soul and to have an Empathic Soul Contract. And while understanding the enormous vulnerabilities of your Empathic Soul incarnating into a 5-sensory based survival psychology is absolutely essential, it’s only one of many steps toward Empathic Empowerment…at some point you must step into the LIGHT!

In fact, it’s likely time for you to take that step – thus, I hope that you’ll continue to journey with me into a new Masterclass: The Empathic Soul & Love Rebel 2.0 – Boundaries, Light Practices, & Soul Healing.

As you learned in the first Empathic Soul & Love Rebel Masterclass – as an Empathic Soul, it’s absolutely essential to recognize your Dark Practices, how unconscious they are, and how much they sabotage you. But knowing your Dark Practices is only half of the healing your Empathic Soul System needs. To live in Empathic Empowerment, you must create some powerful Light Practices too!

Thus, in this new Masterclass it’s all about the LIGHT!

From new instruction on how to intuitively create psychic boundaries with others that work, to activating healing Light in your Empathic Soul System through Rituals, Light Tools, and fully produced Guided Meditations/Hypnosis Programs – I am going to LIGHT YOU UP!

As we traverse seven new lessons, I’ll be teaching you how to sharpen your intuitive Empathic Soul Senses, while healing your Psyche & Soul with Light Practices designed exclusively for Empathic Souls. In fact, you could consider this entire new Masterclass one massive Light Practice itself!

Will I be offering new Empathic Soul Prayers you can use?…Teaching guided ritual work for protection, safety, and clearing?…Reprogramming your Subconscious Mind for Soul-Esteem in a radical new way?…Going deeper into the Mystic/Addict Archetypes that are often active in the Empathic Soul Contract?…And helping you identify, let go of, and avoid the Light Dimmers in your Life?  --  Well heck yes, all of the above!

What about tips on creating boundaries that actually do their job? Oh yes, I got you. We’ll be leaving the old ‘boundary formulas behind’ while I teach you what it means to intuitively and mystically create new boundaries – while throwing in some esoteric magic on the entire subject!


“I’ll be teaching you how to sharpen your intuitive Empathic Soul Senses, while healing your Psyche & Soul with Light Practices designed exclusively for Empathic Souls!”

Here’s a robust list of everything that I’ll be covering:

  • Fundamental Light Practices for Your Empathic Soul System
  • Soul Prayers, Mystical Grids of Power, & Magic for Empathic Souls
  • How to intuitively assess your Empathic Soul System’s needs
  • Essential Daily Subconscious Reprogramming for Empathic Souls
  • Understanding and accessing Mystical vs. Cultural Grids of Power
  • How to create a Light Grid of Grace with Others
  • Guided Light Rituals for Protection, Safety, & Clearing
  • Light Practices to mystically shift your Wounded & Survival Archetypes
  • Empathic Soul Prayers (that work!)
  • When you need to reboot your Empathic System with Light (and how)
  • Guided Meditations for Intuitive Heart Centering
  • Exercises to sharpen your Intuitive Empathic Soul Senses
  • Guided Hypnosis for Soul Esteem
  • Moving from Empathic Triage to the Healing
  • Light Interventions
  • Understanding The Mystic & Addict Archetypes in the Empathic Soul Contract
  • Bringing in the Light for Healing Empathic Soul Damage
  • Understanding and using the Power of Focus
  • Turning Your Empathic Soul Senses On/Off
  • How to Intuitively Create Boundaries
  • Bringing in the Light for Healing Empathic Soul Damage
  • What it takes to Shift from a Dark to Light Dimension (and how to shift!)
  • Becoming Mystically Immune to Psychic Viruses & Dark Group Energy
  • The best ‘Light Tools’ and how to use them
  • Boundaries vs. Walls – how to know the difference
  • Recognizing, Letting Go of, and Avoiding the Light Dimmers in your Life
  • And, of course, much more!

I couldn’t be more excited to continue this healing Empathic Soul to Love Rebel Journey with you! This time, teaching you the powerful Light Practices and Light Tools I’ve been working with for years.

Not to mention, you wanted standalone guided meditations and hypnosis – and I heard you! I’ll be producing new standalone studio quality downloadable guided audios that will be released in a sequence designed to beautifully compliment the new Light Practices that I’ll be teaching you!

Don’t miss your chance to join me for this new powerful alchemy and finish out this dark and challenging year surrounded by mystical grade Light!

I can’t wait to light it up with you – let’s do this!


Session One: The Empathic Soul Contract
  • The Boundary Fallacy: Addressing the real reason why you experience Empathic Overload & Overwhelm
  • A Holographic Understanding of the Soul & Empathy
  • The Human Empathic System vs. the Empathic Soul System
  • The Empathic Soul Contract, how I discovered it, what it requires, & identifying yours
  • Understanding the Primary Empathic Soul Archetypes of Destiny: The Bodhisattva, The Wounded Healer, The Shaman, The Alchemist, The Channel, The Empathic Counselor, The Guide, & The Magician
  • The Mystical Power Grids of the Empathic Soul Part I
  • The 7 Types of Empathy that Empathic Souls can access & engage
  • Your Empathic Soul Senses vs. Your 5 Human Senses
Session Two: The Empathic Soul meets Human Psychological Development
  • The Human Personal Emotional System vs. Empathic Soul’s Emotional System
  • Boundaries, the Codependent Empath Pattern, & Family Systems
  • Challenges Empathic Souls face when incarnating into Human Psychological Development – what can go wrong & how to now make it right
  • Trauma – when the Empathic Soul meets Human Wounding
  • The primary Wounded Archetypes & identifying yours
  • Mapping the Empathic Soul’s 10 Bio-Psychic-Mystical Stages of Development & their Timing, Challenges, Growth, & Necessary Power Pivots: Soul Contract, Pre-incarnation, Birth, Childhood, Adolescence, Early Adulthood, Adulthood, Psychological Adulthood, Psycho-Spiritual Adulthood, & Psycho-Mystical Adulthood
  • Why you get stuck in one of the 10 Stages and how to move on…
Session Three: Esteem & Your Empathic System
  • Safety, Security, Survival, & Shame: Embracing the Human Ego Drivers of Esteem Development
  • How your Esteem integrates and interrelates with your Empathic System
  • The Intuitive Pivot: Knowing how the Subconscious works with the Archetypal Nature of your Esteem System
  • Identifying the Esteem Agendas of your Shadow Archetypes
  • Mapping the Empathic Soul’s 10 Stages of Esteem Development and taking the journey back to Soul-Esteem
  • Empathic Soul-Esteem – The central Mystical Force of your Intuitive Empathic System
Session Four: Boundaries & Mystical Development – From Victim to Love Rebel
  • The Dark Night of the Codependent Empath
  • The Journey from Addict to Mystic
  • Toxic Empathy vs. Empowered Empathy
  • Why by-passing Empathy = by-passing your Purpose
  • How Mystical Forces wake up in You
  • Identifying and using your Empathic Soul Senses
  • From Shadow Victim to Mystical Victim
  • Cultivating new Safety, Security, and Esteem: The Child Archetype & Mystical Parents
  • Connecting to Mystical Power Grids
  • Guardians of the Empathic Soul Contract - The Mystical Lover & Love Rebel
  • Mystical Emotional Triggers – Understanding your calls to a Love Rebellion
  • Empowered Empathic Boundaries: The Necessity of creating a Love Rebellion with Others
Session Five: Holistic Energetic Repair for the Damaged Empathic Soul
  • The Internet Age and its effects on your Empathic System
  • Psychic Viruses & Treating Empathic Viral Infection
  • Clearing Emotional/Psychic Debris from your Empathic Field
  • How Empathic Souls can suffer energetic damage, identifying yours, and repairing it
  • Essential Grounded Bio-Mystical Tools & Practices for healing the Empathic Soul
  • Soul Damage Prevention: Bio-Psychic Hygiene, Soul Prayers, & Mystical Attunement
Session Six: Living in the Intuitive Magic of Empathic Empowerment
  • A New Compass Emerges: Your Intuitive Empathic System
  • How to consciously turn your Intuitive Empathic System on and off
  • Embracing Empathic Mystical Heart Break as a Guide to Purpose
  • The Power Grids of the Empathic Soul Part II
  • Your Calling & Destiny: Using your Empathic Gifts consciously to help others
  • Essential tips on raising Empathic Children
  • How to relate from Empowered Empathy with those who are not Empathic Souls
  • Sharing the Journey: Continued Support & Connecting with other Empathic Souls
  • Keeping your Multisensory & Empathic System clear: A comprehensive step by step guide
  • Unlocking the next level of your Empathic Soul’s Potential
  • The Miraculous Power of living within Empathic Holism

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A 8-session/20-hour journey of self discovery where I’ll share with you the unique tools, skills, esteem development, mystical care, and power pivots that your Empathic Soul System requires. You get lifetime access to everything - each session includes a power-packed online video, downloadable audio, and a downloadable PDF guide.

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