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Intentional Synchronicity


Activating the Power of Life’s Hidden Archetypal Forces

Synchronicity, a Psychic Law first identified by Carl Jung, is a powerful Force that moves through all of our lives – often ordering dimensional alignments that offer intuitive guidance, needed wake-up calls, signs, new opportunities, revelations of our life’s purpose, open doors, and access to new unlived potential.

But is it possible that you don’t truly and fully understand how Synchronicity operates in a dynamic archetypal and multidimensional way via different Levels and Types?

This masterclass is available only through the Your Intuitive Edge Premium membership.

14 Lessons

A 14-session journey that will build a new spherical model of what Synchronicity is, and how you can work with it in a masterful and intentional way. Each session includes a power-packed online video, downloadable audio, and a downloadable PDF guide.

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This masterclass is available only through the Your Intuitive Edge Premium membership.

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In the past 30 years of my work as an Intuitive Counselor/Strategist and also Astrologer, I have learned that most folks have a painfully limited understanding of Synchronicity. One that not only keeps them from accessing accurate life guidance and clear decision making, but also generates some of their worst self-sabotage…

Could a limited understanding of Synchronicity be keeping you from seeing or accurately interpreting the Synchronicities of your Life – causing you make wrong turns and self-sabotaging choices, thereby misaligning you from opportunities that are aligned with your Destiny?

Have you been unconsciously mixing up Synchronicity with Happenstance, Coincidence, and Serendipity this entire time – even though those are all very different things?

Is it possible that you have missed the true messages of your Synchronicities because you weren’t intuitively attuned to see them? Or is it possible that you’ve been projecting limiting inner constructs onto your Synchronicities that betray how the Psychic Law of Synchronicity actually works?

Furthermore, could you be mistaking Trickster Shadow Synchronicities for True Synchronicity, causing you to go down a path that can only offer a harsh bottoming out of your Life, with costly consequences? (I mean, don’t we all know this one all too well!) 

Could your current unconscious misinterpretation of the ‘Signs’ from the Universe be throwing off your Optimal Timing and delaying all that you’re here to accomplish in this Life?

If you feel that even any of this might be true for you, you’re certainly not alone.

In fact, in my role as a professional Intuitive I’ve seen variations of these issues surface in nearly every intuitive reading that I’ve ever done, very often without exception.

That’s what led me to realize that Carl Jung’s understanding of Synchronicity, though certainly a massive step forward, was meant to be only the beginning… 

And now, for this new Co-Creative Age, we must reinvent the Wheel of Synchronicity with a new model that I call ‘Spherical Synchronicity’ – in which we can begin to move from Unconscious Synchronicity to Intentional Synchronicity.  

Said another way, our lives are no longer meant to be commanded and shaped by the Synchronicity of Fate that most of us experience. In fact, it’s time that we shifted to a new co-creative level of Synchronicity that allows us to engage the Synchronicity of Destiny.

Indeed, as Co-Creators now creating in a Quantum, Archetypal, and Intuitive Era of Co-Creation, we are urgently called to claim a new way to intentionally activate the Psychic Law of Synchronicity, but…

For this to happen, we must expand our limited concepts of how we co-create reality in the first place by realizing that:

  • We need a new Spherical, Technical, Archetypal, and Multidimensional Model of Synchronicity to adequately understand how this Force truly operates creatively…
  • We must recognize that, within our current understanding of Synchronicity, there exist many unconscious elements, misleading half-truths and paradigms, and fantasies believed as true that need to be radically addressed…
  • We can’t intuitively engage our Optimal Life Choices, Actions, and Expressions of Purpose without embracing a new multidimensionally causal understanding of how Synchronicity actually works…connecting causality from one Dimension of Creation to Another in ways that reshape the old assumed ‘acausal’ nature of Synchronicity…

To that end, I’d like to invite you to my new 14-Part Masterclass: Intentional Synchronicity – Activating Life’s Hidden Archetypal Forces.

This life changing course is uniquely sourced from my decades of intuitive work with and study of Synchronicity as a creative force in the lives of real people.

From discovering and pioneering a new archetypal and holographic model of Astrology that accurately maps Cycles of Synchronicity, to the thousands of intuitive readings I’ve conducted that allowed me to explore Synchronicity as the multi-level and multi-dimensional creative Force that it actually is…

This Masterclass will take you far beyond any previously established limiting models and 4-D concepts of Synchronicity, right into a new revolutionary spherical model that transforms everything you’ve thought about it. That said…

Through this Masterclass I have one main goal in mind – to teach you a necessary new dynamic model of Synchronicity that allows you to work with it in a technical, archetypal, multidimensional, spherical, clearly focused, structured, fully conscious, and intentional way so that you can actively co-create your Destiny using Life’s Hidden Archetypal Forces – and no longer be a passive participant of your Fate.  

Through powerful new teachings that are based in real life experience, not theory, I will map for you the dynamic technical territory of Synchronicity as the Co-creative and Participatory Force that it really is – while giving you a new powerful and clear map of the various Co-Creative Laws that Synchronicity operates through and expresses.

“You can actively co-create your Destiny using Life’s Hidden Archetypal Forces – and no longer be a passive participant of your Fate.”

Here is an overview of what you will be learning during our time together in this epic Masterclass, where you will discover:

  • Synchronicity: From the Ancients to Carl Jung - A Historical Overview of Synchronicity’s Conceptual Development
  • A New Revolutionary Spherical Model of Synchronicity for the Co-Creator
  • How to neutralize and remove what blocks you from accurately perceiving and interpreting your Synchronicities
  • The different Levels and Types of Synchronicities & how to identify them
  • How Archetypes express their Patterns and more through Synchronicity
  • The difference between Unconscious Synchronicity & Intentional Synchronicity
  • Spherical/Multidimensional Causality vs. Co-occurrence
  • The Law of Energetic Vibrational Resonance & Attraction
  • Is it Synchronicity or Divine Intervention?
  • How Synchronicity works with the Laws of the Human Psyche
  • Understanding the Multidimensional Relationship of Karma & Synchronicity
  • Personal vs. Relational vs. Collective Synchronicity – Is it mine, yours, or ours?
  • The real meaning of Déjà Vu…
  • Why not all Dreams are Synchronicity & identifying which Dreams are…
  • The difference between The Synchronicity of Fate & The Synchronicity of Destiny
  • How you can use Archetypes to activate Synchronicities of Destiny in your Life
  • Identifying Your Soul Contract using Intentional Synchronicity
  • How to recognize Shadow Trickster Synchronicity’s Message and then pivot to the Light
  • Working with Spherical Time to speed up Synchronicities of Destiny
  • Divination: A new model that requires Intentional Synchronicity for accuracy
  • A New Understanding of the Primary & Essential Co-Creative Laws of Life: The Law of Soul Contracts, Law of Learning, Law of Opposites, Law of Happenstance/Coincidence, Law of Karma, Law of Archetypes, Mystical Laws, Law of Time/Space/Manifestation, Law of Quantum Entanglement, Law of Dimensional Organization, Law of Evolution, Law of Ritual, Law of Intention, Law of Vibrational Signatures…and more!
  • How Intentional Synchronicity activates, works with, and expresses these Primary Co-Creative Laws of Life
  • The necessity of Shadow Work in activating Intentional Synchronicity
  • Discerning the Synchronicities that foretell a certain fated future vs. those that offer an x-factor flow chart of flexible future possibilities…
  • The Spherical Order of Time vs. Unidirectional Linear Flow of Time
  • Is it Synchronicity or Empathy?
  • Intuition & Perceiving True Synchronicities vs. Projecting Inner Constructs of Reality
  • Why the Ego-Mind can’t understand the Greater Matrix of Reality and then mistakes its Role in Co-Creation (and the price we pay for it)
  • The Ego-Mind vs. The Wounded Ego
  • Synchronicity & The Four Levels of Truth
  • Intentional Synchronicity vs. Tribal Dynamics of Co-Creation & The Cultural Force of Shame
  • Our Collective Misconception of Life’s Dimensional Organization of Power, Reality, & Karmic Forces
  • Synchronicity & The Dark Night of the Ego
  • Intentional Synchronicity & Ritual Magic – Archetypal Forces & Light Grids of Power
  • Synchronicity & Prayer
  • The Origin of our Cultural Fantasies about Synchronicity & knowing what’s Real
  • Cultivating Multidimensional Perception to Perceive New Levels of Personal Synchronicity
  • How Synchronicity activates your Intuitive Senses
  • The Synchronicity of Self-Sabotage
  • The Role of Synchronicity in Mystical & Traumatic Triggering
  • Astrology & Synchronicity
  • How to recognize and know your own Symbolic Codes
  • The Fundamental Role of Humility in Relationship to Synchronicity
  • What Cycles of Synchronicity are and identifying yours
  • Synchronicity & Evolutionary Hierarchies of Consciousness
  • The Law of Correspondences, Spherical Psychic Links, & Causality
  • Working with the Part of You that has access to Absolute Knowledge

And of course, as always, there is so much more that I will share with you via the 12 structured Lessons that comprise this entire course that, progressively, will build a new spherical model of what Synchronicity is, and how you can work with it in a masterful and intentional way.

This groundbreaking Masterclass will give you a rare opportunity to re-create your Life by showing you how to access and utilize the Hidden Archetypal Dynamics & Synchronistic Forces that will come alive when you engage them with Intentional Synchronicity.

It should be noted that, you reading this course description is, itself, a Synchronicity of Destiny, and also likely a Message of Divine Intervention that calls you to an Initiation into Intentional Synchronicity.

If you are truly ready for change, this Initiation will allow you to manifest a new level of Destiny and Potential previously inaccessible through the common concepts we’ve collectively learned regarding Synchronicity.

In fact, get ready to change absolutely everything…

And here’s perhaps the best news regarding this powerful 12-Part Masterclass…

How Can I Take Part in this Transformative 12-Part Masterclass?

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How will the Lessons Work?

All Lessons will first be taught as Two-Hour Livestreams that are then post-produced into on-demand videos that come with an audio version & a PDF Guide. There are currently 11 lessons on-demand, with 3 more coming.

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14 Lessons

A 14-session journey that will build a new spherical model of what Synchronicity is, and how you can work with it in a masterful and intentional way. Each session includes a power-packed online video, downloadable audio, and a downloadable PDF guide.

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This masterclass is available only through the Your Intuitive Edge Premium membership.

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