The Age of Aquarius
(2400 A.D. – 4600 A.D.)

For those of us who find solace in New Ageism, I feel it’s a good idea to look at what this new age is and what is isn’t by addressing the term ‘new age’ itself. This idea of entering into a new age is actually a by-product of Theosophy, which was a spiritualist movement founded by Helena Blavatsky in 1875. Theosophy was an attempt to bring together the mystical/esoteric traditions of Europe and Asia, based on the premise that there is a common truth in all religions.  Theosophy formed around the belief that we were embarking on a ‘new age’ of spiritual consciousness and evolution, an age even more spiritual than the Age of Pisces, which would see the birth of a great world teacher.

If we look deeper we begin to see that this sounds a lot like other ideologies and religions that we’ve seen come and go in the past 2,000 years, such as: Christianity, Islam, Fascism, and Marxism. What they all have in common is a belief in a ‘golden age’ to come, but first we must be ‘cleansed’ or saved before we are ready to enter that new age – which is to be founded by a great leader/teacher/messiah. I find it fascinating that many people begin vegetarian diets and embark upon ‘new age’ lifestyles with the same dogma and fervor that Hitler inspired in the German people through Fascism.

We must always be mindful of how evolution occurs within a cultural context – and how impactful culture is on us. This pattern of ‘new ageism’ is itself product of the Age of Pisces, which represents our interpretation of new archetypal Aquarian energy via the Piscean Age. I often wonder if maybe we’d do better to do away with this ‘new age’ label altogether and start over!!

That said, I don’t believe the Age of Aquarius to be an upcoming utopia or golden age on earth. It is an age of globalization that will forever shift the way we view nationalism and tribalism – you can already see this happening.  We are struggling to become ‘citizens of the world’, not just Americans, French, or Chinese.

I am sure there will still be people struggling with Ego/Soul issue 400 years from now…and perhaps countries still at war, as we must remember that each of us as human beings is in a different stage of spiritual evolution on the same planet. But the Age of Aquarius does hold the promise of a dominant world view in which the individual is allowed his/her freedom to actualize as an independently liberated being (Leo), yet still participate in group life in the spirit of altruism and humanitarianism (Aquarius).

I do believe our intuitive abilities and multi-sensory evolution will increase such that we honor the world of energy and spirit far more than the dogma of religion and politics. And most importantly instead of a world leader, master teacher, or messiah; we’ll finally realize that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

In closing, I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of the Astrological Ages and that it has stimulated much thought for you. I am deeply indebted to Alice O. Howell who wrote a wonderful book that served as an invaluable resource in the writing of this article titled Jungian Synchronicity in Astrological Signs and Ages. I recommend you read it if you are interested in exploring this subject in depth from another perspective!

In later articles and newsletters I will no doubt be exploring new evolutionary themes regarding the Age of Aquarius. For now, be the one you’ve been waiting for!

Robert Ohotto

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