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Your Intuitive Edge Premium

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In this membership, I will empower you with a new powerful ‘Edge’ that many others do not have – ‘An Intuitive Edge.’

It’s no secret that our lives have changed significantly, and in many ways, irrevocably the past couple of years on Planet Earth – leaving many of us in dire need of extra support, help, intuitive guidance, spiritual direction, and community.

Additionally, our lives will continue to dramatically change as we continue to journey together in what we now know is an ongoing Collective Dark Night Cycle of Shift.

This means that cultivating an inner compass of clear intuition is no longer simply something to put on a future wish list that you’ll get to later. It has now become an urgent, essential, and necessary life skill. In fact, engaging every day with intuitive clarity will likely determine how you effectively navigate the challenging ups and downs that life always brings, and that are most certainly ahead.

Yet, while living intuitively brings a co-creative edge to all aspects of Life, like any skill - it requires daily practice and ongoing learning/development.

For many years it has been a dream of mine to create an ongoing forum through which I could effectively share my teachings on intuitive development, my own intuitive skills, and all that I’ve learned over my years of doing intuitive readings.

That said, in the Spring of 2020, I launched a new exclusive classroom that I’ve been teaching and guiding hundreds of students inside of ever since: The Your Intuitive Edge Online Premium Subscription Membership.

And, I couldn’t be more excited to announce that doors are now open once again for new Members to join – with some new added changes that make the Membership an even bigger value.

Thus, as doors only open once a year, I invite you to subscribe right now to gain access to hours and hours of incredible content, much of which I do not teach anywhere else!

What’s Included

Your subscription grants you access to exclusive live webinars, audio downloads, PDF guides, a student community and more. Gain insights, guidance and instruction not found anywhere else!

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  • Billed Monthly
  • Access to exclusive live webinars, audio downloads, PDF guides, a student community and more!



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Due to the nature of this program, all sales are final.
Please be sure to read ALL details below before registering.
Your Intuitive Edge Premium Terms of Service
All purchases subject to our Terms of Service



  • Billed Once Annually
  • Access to exclusive live webinars, audio downloads, PDF guides, a student community and more!



Sign up now

Due to the nature of this program, all sales are final.
Please be sure to read ALL details below before registering.
Your Intuitive Edge Premium Terms of Service
All purchases subject to our Terms of Service

Speaking of which, the timing couldn’t be better to subscribe as an exclusive NEW BONUS 14-Part Masterclass, Intentional Synchronicity – Activating the Power of Life’s Hidden Archetypal Forces, is available right now inside the Membership!

And that’s not all! In addition, you’ll find access to numerous past Modules, and be able to join me for my Membership Exclusive Annual HoloKompass Astrological 2022 Forecast in December!
There will also be many more new HoloKompass Courses ahead in 2022 that you’ll have access to at over 70% OFF normal pricing.

Whether it’s a moving through a challenge in your relationships, neutralizing your own self-sabotage, coming to know the terms of your Soul Contract, mastering the power of your Subconscious Mind, working optimally with various Astrological/Archetypal Cycles, understanding and shifting your Archetypal Patterns, getting a clear intuitive read on your next empowered choice, or creating a little Magic in your Life – I’ve got you covered, and then some!

Course to course, month to month, topic to topic, challenge to challenge – I will be interacting with and teaching you how to develop, listen to, and harness the power of your own Intuitive System so that you can connect with your Spirit, heal your Life, cultivate reciprocal and loving relationships, stay self/soul-connected, and live the most optimal version of your Destiny possible.

In this Membership, I will empower you with a new powerful ‘Edge’ that many others do not have – ‘An Intuitive Edge’!

“Harness the power of your own Intuitive System so that you can live the most optimal version of your Destiny possible.”

Did I mention that you’ll also be supported by not just me, but an entire community of likeminded soul-centered Members already engaging in the same focused work? We all know that Life can often feel like one giant mountain to climb after another, but that doesn’t mean we have to do it alone. In fact, the right kind of climbing companions can make all the difference.

How does the Membership work?

Access to the Membership and its content is maintained via a rolling month to month or annual subscription fee. (**Please be sure to read fully the Terms of Membership to understand the necessity of maintaining your subscription for ongoing access to all content.)

The Membership content is comprised of numerous past ‘Modules’, the current Intentional Synchronicity Bonus Masterclass, and, for the first time, upcoming select HoloKompass Courses that I’ll be teaching in 2022! (Please see the list below of past, current, and future offerings)

What’s more, when an important Archetypal Cycle is a foot, I may bring out my favorite symbolic tool, HoloKompass Astrology, and offer a Module that guides you through it. For example, in December I’ll be empowering you for 2022 with a deep dive into the major Astrological Cycles of the New Year!

No matter the Module or HoloKompass Course that I’m teaching, it will always be relative to how I can best help and empower YOU in real and relevant ways!

Let’s break it down some more… 

Once inside the Premium Membership, you’ll have access to all past, current, and future Modules or HoloKompass Courses so long as you’re an actively subscribed Member.

With the exception of the current Bonus Masterclass – Intentional Synchronicity, Masterclasses are not included in this Membership – making now an incredible time to join. You’ll also get special VIP discounts on my upcoming Masterclasses in 2022 just for being an active Premium Member!

While all my past HoloKompass Courses are not included in the Membership, for the first time, select future ones in 2022 will be!

Whether a new Module or HoloKompass Course, new lessons will be taught LIVE and then post-produced for on-demand access complete with streaming audio versions and PDF Guides.

That said, let’s actually take a look at what’s already inside the Membership, what’s currently being taught, and what’s ahead in 2022 – all of which you’ll have access to as a Member!

Current Bonus Masterclass:

This 14-session journey will build a new spherical model of what Synchronicity is, and how you can work with it in a masterful and intentional way.

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Past Courses in the membership library right now!

The Luminaries
Saturn in Aquarius


Coming Up in December 2021

Courses Coming Up in 2022

  • The Safety of Spiritual Adulthood – Mystically Self-Parenting Your Inner Child Archetypes
  • Soul Currency: Transforming Your Starving Archetypes through the Rebellious Abundance of the Mystical Prostitute
  • Chiron & The Sacred Wound – Your New Multisensory Journey with The Shaman & Wounded Healer

Month to month and year to year, here’s what you get access to as an active subscribing Premium Member:

  • Any and all past archived Modules & Courses
  • Exclusive Modules on all smaller Astrological/Archetypal Cycles not offered anywhere else
  • A minimum average of 4 hours of content a month, full of insights, guidance, and instruction – this minimum will be averaged out over the entire year, equaling a minimum of 48 hours of content a year!
  • Active community group engagement and support during each Module via an exclusive Facebook Group just for Premium Members
  • Premium access to working with Robert in the most hands on way he offers real time relative guidance and intuitive instruction
  • A special locked in $30 monthly or $240 annual subscription rate for life so long as you remain a continuous subscriber in good standing
  • Special discounts on larger Masterclasses or Online Trainings that are not offered inside the Membership (*In person events are excluded)
  • And as the offerings continue to evolve, you can be guaranteed that there’s even more to come!

With my grounded blend of intuitive perception, coaching, life strategy, spiritual direction, and my singular understanding of archetypes and life cycles brought to each engrossing Module or HoloKompass Course, the benefits of having Premium Membership access at such an affordable rate are endless.

Don't miss this opportunity to live your life as an X-factor through my month to month guidance and insights. Enter into the multisensory world of Archetypes, Intuitive Tools, Multi-Sensory Psychology, Psycho-Spiritual Healing, and Destiny by activating your own Intuitive Edge as an active subscriber of this incredible Membership.

Join today before enrollment closes for another year! Doors close on December 29th!

Monthly or Annual Subscription

By purchasing a Monthly or Annual Subscription, you agree to an initial and recurring Monthly or Annual Subscription fee at the current Monthly or Annual Subscription rate, and you accept responsibility for all recurring charges until you cancel your subscription. You may cancel your Monthly or Annual Subscription at any time, subject to the terms of our cancellation policy.

Automatic renewal terms: Once you subscribe, will automatically process your Monthly or Annual Subscription fee in the next billing cycle. will continue to automatically process your Monthly or Annual Subscription fee each month or year at the current Monthly or Annual Subscription rate, until you cancel your subscription. 

Membership Content

Content within the Subscription Membership is delivered via individual ‘Modules’ that will focus on specific Topics of Robert’s choosing Module to Module. Each Module will contain as many Parts as necessary to support the chosen Module Topic, however, all Parts that comprise the Module will be delivered sequentially.

Content within each Module may vary as mix of Live Webcast Events, On-demand Videos, Audio Version, Podcast Downloads, Downloadable PDF Guides, and interactive LIVE Q&A Webcast Sessions.

While the total content hours of each Module may vary, the monthly guarantee of Membership content is an average of 4 hours.

While most content will remain in the membership library in perpetuity, Robert Ohotto reserves the right to remove content at his discretion. At least 3 months notice will be provided before any content is removed.

Cancellation Policy

Subscribers may cancel at any time via the subscription section on their account page, or by contacting Post cancellation, access to the YIE Premium Membership will continue until the most current paid period expires. Once the most current paid period has expired, access to the all content found within Membership will be removed. No refunds will be issued for unused or remaining time on either a monthly or annual subscription.

Once a Subscribing Member in good standing has cancelled their subscription, their current guaranteed monthly or annual subscription rate will be permanently lost. Additionally, cancelled Members may not re-subscribe to the Membership again until the next open enrollment period is offered.

All Membership content is only available to current Subscribers in good standing, and is not offered under ‘Lifetime Access’ terms. Therefore, access to all content within the Membership is contingent upon remaining an active Subscriber in good standing, and once a subscription falls out of good standing or is cancelled, all access is removed.