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Your Intuitive Edge Premium Membership

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Upgrade to Robert’s Annual Plan now for $240!
This is a one-time fee for ONE YEAR access to YIE Premium.
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Annual Plan

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Your Intuitive Edge Inner Circle Terms of Service . All purchases subject to our Terms of Service .

Your Intuitive Edge Premium Subscription Terms

Monthly or Annual Subscription

By purchasing a Monthly or Annual Subscription, you agree to an initial and recurring Monthly or Annual Subscription fee at the current Monthly or Annual Subscription rate, and you accept responsibility for all recurring charges until you cancel your subscription. You may cancel your Monthly or Annual Subscription at any time, subject to the terms of our cancellation policy.

Automatic renewal terms: Once you subscribe, will automatically process your Monthly or Annual Subscription fee in the next billing cycle. will continue to automatically process your Monthly or Annual Subscription fee each month or year at the current Monthly or Annual Subscription rate, until you cancel your subscription. 

Membership Content

Content within the Subscription Membership is delivered via individual ‘Modules’ that will focus on specific Topics of Robert’s choosing Module to Module. Each Module will contain as many Parts as necessary to support the chosen Module Topic, however, all Parts that comprise the Module will be delivered sequentially.

Content within each Module may vary as mix of Live Webcast Events, On-demand Videos, Audio Version, Podcast Downloads, Downloadable PDF Guides, and interactive LIVE Q&A Webcast Sessions.

While the total content hours of each Module may vary, the monthly guarantee of Membership content is an average of 4 hours.

While most content will remain in the membership library in perpetuity, Robert Ohotto reserves the right to remove content at his discretion. At least 3 months notice will be provided before any content is removed.

Cancellation Policy

Subscribers may cancel at any time via the subscription section on their account page, or by contacting Post cancellation, access to the YIE Premium Membership will continue until the most current paid period expires. Once the most current paid period has expired, access to the all content found within Membership will be removed. No refunds will be issued for unused or remaining time on either a monthly or annual subscription.

Once a Subscribing Member in good standing has cancelled their subscription, their current guaranteed monthly or annual subscription rate will be permanently lost. Additionally, cancelled Members may not re-subscribe to the Membership again until the next open enrollment period is offered.

All Membership content is only available to current Subscribers in good standing, and is not offered under ‘Lifetime Access’ terms. Therefore, access to all content within the Membership is contingent upon remaining an active Subscriber in good standing, and once a subscription falls out of good standing or is cancelled, all access is removed.


Please note that all content (unless otherwise annotated or referenced as another’s work) found within Premium Membership presented in video, audio, and PDF Guide formats is the exclusive copyright of Robert Ohotto. None of the original content or concepts within the Premium Membership may be reproduced, copied, or adapted into other derivative works without his express permission. All legal foreign and domestic copyright protections apply.

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