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Vertical Intuition

Hearing Your Inner Voice in a Horizontal World

Intuition is the most powerful Guiding Force within us, and an essential Ally for those who choose the conscious path of living Life as a Co-Creator.

After 20 years of working in the Intuitive Arts & Sciences, I’ve learned that all Big Life Crossroads Choices must be given over to a High Level of Intuitive Knowing that I call Vertical Intuition.

Are ready to develop an Inner Compass that can always find your True North?

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What exactly is Intuition? When you think of the word Intuition, what associations come up for you? Is Intuition the same as being Psychic? Or is it something perhaps very different?

While I’ve often found Intuition to be incredibly misunderstood by most people, there is no doubt that it is the most powerful Guiding Force within us, and an essential Ally for those who choose the conscious path of living Life as a Co-Creator.

Without Intuition, our Vision is limited to only as far as The Mind can see, which, as it turns out, isn’t too far.

For example, consider the nature of your Mind’s biases, and how they often shut the aperture of your perception down to what a particular bias lets you see when looking at Life its lens.

Biases are indeed the providence of the Mind. And yet, our biases are just one of the many limiting filters that the Human Mind often has. And like so many of the Mind’s filters, a certain bias might keep you from seeing an important opportunity that’s sitting there right before your eyes. While another might keep you from seeing a present danger…

Indeed, to avoid danger, seize hidden opportunities, make empowered decisions, solve a problem in the blink of an eye when a solution seems completely elusive, get fresh coordinates on our Life’s Purpose, know when we need to take a risk, and to get guidance on the best timing for taking action, leaving a situation, or making a decision – we need far more than what the Mind offers… 

We need the Whisper of our Inner Voice, the Knowing of our Intuition.

And yet, it’s quite likely that when it comes to getting a ‘clear intuitive read' on your Relationships, Money, Career, Health/Wellness, and Life Purpose you are far better at blocking your Inner Voice than you are at listening to it…

What’s more, in the frequent mistaking of Wishful Thinking, Fear, Reckless Optimism, Expectations of Others, and Empathic Overload as the Voice of your Intuition – you may not even know that you’re intuitively blocked!

Not to mention, now that the Internet has birthed a new Global Psychic Nervous System that our Individual Psychic & Human Nervous Systems are plugged into via our Smartphones, Computers, Social Media, News Media, etc. – these days it’s even harder to discern whether you’re listening to your Intuition vs. your internet triggered up spinning Mind.

Undoubtedly, one of the most common mistakes that you too might regularly make is believing that your Mind is the same Voice as your Intuition – when in fact, while Intuition will often report its Holistic Knowing to your Mind, by its very nature Intuition is not a Mental Force.

That said, let me ask you:

  • In this Time of non-stop distraction, information overload, and relentless hustle – how often are you able to hear the Inner Voice of your Intuition?
  • How do you know that it’s your Inner Voice talking, and not…let’s say, your Hopeful Expectations or Worry?
  • Have you ever thought that you were being guided by your Intuition, only to find later that you had been seemingly tricked and misguided right into challenging situation?
  • Could your Intuition be blocked right now without you even knowing it, effectively leaving you with your Mind’s capacity to make things up and pass that off as Intuitive Guidance? Where might that lead you?...

Next, if you want to know whether you’ve been listening to your Intuition or your Mind, let’s continue with the following question:

When faced with Major Life Choices like…

  • Should I date this person, should I marry this person?
  • Is this a good financial investment, should I buy this house now or wait?
  • Should I take this job, should I quit my job and go back to school?
  • Should I relocate, is now the right time to start a business, should I close my current business and move on to something else?
  • Can I trust this person that I just met, should I break-up with this person, should I get a divorce?
  • Is this the best medical advice for me, should I switch doctors, how can I best heal, should I have the surgery my doctor just suggested?
  • Is now the right time to have kids, am I meant to have kids, should I change my parenting style?
  • What’s more aligned with my Life’s Purpose: Choice A, B, or C…or none?!

…do you often feel compulsively spun up in your Head trying to figure out what to do –  wishing you could just know THE ONE CHOICE that’s best for you?

In turn, does this ‘Head Spin’ often lead to any of the following:

  • Mental exhaustion, headaches, & more confusion?
  • Insomnia and imagining future worst-case scenarios?
  • Anxiety over making the ‘wrong choice’?
  • Feeling paralyzed with worry and unable to make any choice at all?
  • Over-thinking, over-analyzing, over-researching, and obsessing over what to do?
  • Consulting every Coach, Strategist, Planner, Expert, Guide, Astrologer, Psychic, Intuitive, Magic 8 Ball (you know you have!), and Oracle Deck you can get your hands on – and yet you STILL feel unsure of what to do?!

If you find yourself within any orb of the above question and evaluation, the good news is that I know exactly why… 

Whether it’s starting a new business, a possible relocation, saying yes/no to a marriage, or deciding to have kids – there is something essential that I desperately want you to know that also applies to the Life Choice questions you previously just read…

These types of Life Decisions are way TOO BIG for your Mind.

And the more you try to use your Mind to make them, the more lost you will be…

Even worse, all of this can result in your choosing a harder and unnecessary Path – opting for a detoured journey that holds the lesser Potential for your Life instead of the greater.

(Take a moment and read that again, then let’s get to the good news!)

The good news is that there’s another option beyond using your limited Human Mind to navigate choices it can’t handle, but this option isn’t exactly what you are likely thinking it is right now (damn that pesky Human Mind!).

After 20 years of working in the Intuitive Arts & Sciences, I’ve learned that all Big Life Crossroads Choices must be given over to a High Level of Intuitive Knowing that I call Vertical Intuition.  

Now, I’m sure you just asked, ‘Robert, what and the heck is Vertical Intuition? I thought there was just simply Intuition – with nothing vertical about it!”

Well, you’re certainly not alone in your assumption that there is just what is commonly referred to as ‘Intuition’ – yet, in my work as a professional Intuitive Strategist, Counselor, & Guide –

I have identified that there are actually 8 Types of Intuition.

And while a true understanding of what Vertical Intuition is requires an in-depth teaching, for now I will share with you that it is the highest vantage point of Intuitive Sight from which one can see.  

Want to know more by going a bit higher with me here? Let's do it!

Imagine looking at your Life, not just from on top of the world’s tallest building, but from a Space Station in orbit well above the Earth.

Next imagine that from this Space Station your eyes not only see every historic detail, choice, action, and karmic factor regarding your current Life, but also the entirety of your Life’s Timeline – Your Past, Present, and Future – as a fluid Flow Chart of Your Life’s Potential.

Which means that you’re seeing your Life as the dynamic co-creative Flow of Possibilities that it truly is, in which each choice that you could make from your Life’s current options is poised to activate a flow of circumstances, events, and outcomes unique to making that choice.

Now, similarly, when it comes to your Life’s biggest decisions, can you sense how much this Space Station Level of Vision would empower you to know, at every Life Crossroads, which of the Choices before you could activate a new Flow Chart of your Life’s Highest Potential – and you can now make that choice with this Knowing vs. the limited thinking of your Mind!

That. Is. Vertical. Intuition. 

But accessing this Level of Intuition is something that most would consider to be solely an Act of Chance.

And that’s because, for most folks that’s exactly what it is – one rare moment when they got a strong ‘gut hunch’, heard a voice inside, felt an inner knowing, or maybe even had a vision.

All of this is further solidified when other big decisions arrive in their Life – only this time, it seems as if the previous All-Knowing Inner Guide is nowhere to be found…so they simply take a leap of faith and while hoping for the best.

Often only to find out later that ‘hope’ wasn’t quite enough…

Yet, what if I told you that I could teach you, through a Masterclass Level Training on Intuition, how to access and download the Highest Level of Intuitive Guidance possible such that whenever facing any current or future major decision, you would know exactly what to do.

What’s more, you would also know the best timing of when to do it.

Well, I’m here to tell you that I can absolutely teach you that…are you ready? 

I’m thrilled to announce that, for the first time ever, I’m offering a 7-Part Masterclass Training called:  Vertical Intuition – Hearing Your Inner Voice in a Horizontal World

In this Masterclass, not only will you receive my latest and most groundbreaking insights on Intuition – you’ll also be taught how to work with a new, accurate, high voltage, and guiding Intuitive System that I developed during my 20 years of working as a Professional Intuitive:

The HoloKompass Vertical Intuitive System™

But before we get there inside the Masterclass, we’ll have a lot of ground to cover first.

From exploring the Power of Intuitive Perception, and then learning The 8 Types of Intuition, 2 Levels of Intuition, and The 8 Energy Senses of your Psychic Nervous System…to also learning how you can Intuitively Read your Life’s Timeline, why your Archetypal Identities can be both Allies & Saboteurs of Intuitive Clarity, and how Intuitive Information is often blocked by something that I call ‘Prism Distortions’ – this Masterclass will gift you with new Intuitive Skills that will be nothing short of Life Changing...better yet, Game Changing!

Having said that, I now invite you to look over the Lesson Outline for the Masterclass below!

“Intuition can be developed as a reliable perceptual skill that can be intentionally turned on and off when needed.”

There is so much more that we’ll explore together inside this Masterclass that perhaps the best way to take it in is by looking at the course overview below:

Part I – Intro to Your Intuitive System

  • Lesson One: The Power of Intuitive Perception (2hrs)
  • Lesson Two: The Vertical & Horizontal Dynamics of our Holographic Reality

PART II – How You De-Synchronize From Your Intuition

  •  Lesson Three: Archetypal Identities – Your Allies & Saboteurs of Intuitive Clarity
  • Lesson Four: Clearing The Confusion of Your Horizontal Timeline Distortions

PART III – Intuitive Clarity – How To Synchronize with Vertical Intuition

  • Lesson Five: Mystical Vertical Intuitive Attunement
  • Lesson Six: The Vertical & Horizontal Intuitive Read
  • Lesson Seven: The HoloKompass Vertical Intuitive System™

Special Launch Price - Save 50%! Offer ends December 21.

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