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Who Owns Your Chakras?

Who owns your chakras? As Robert explains during this compelling seminar, many of us have unconsciously handed our chakras over to others
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Making Your Pain Sacred - Free Sample

Robert Ohotto
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Making Your Pain Sacred

On March 1st, 2012 I did a radio show that for me (and many others) was the most powerful show I have ever done. Not just because of what I revealed about myself as part of the show, but because it spoke to a Universal Truth: Per our purpose we are each asked to make our pain sacred so we can connect with each other and serve Life. Listen to/download this powerful show for free to find out what it means to make your pain sacred and claim your presence. Then if you feel so called, share this show with everyone you know. Something tells me this show will change your life and the lives of others as well...

Robert Ohotto

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