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Robert Ohotto/Colette Baron-Reid's Energy Forecast for April 22nd-29th, 2014!

Robert Ohotto

Soul Connexions Radio

Explore the 'X' factor that holds the key to your destiny, intuition, relationship intimacy, and highest potential in this weekly radio show with world-renowned author and Intuitive Robert Ohotto. Discover how to transform your sabotaging patterns of loving, living, and relating through Robert's thought-provoking/paradigm shifting shows. Using his intuitive gifts to empower listeners, Robert teaches solid strategies for creating the results you most desire. To speak to Robert live, call toll free within the U.S. by dialing 818.495.6927 during the show. Long distance rates apply for International callers. Tune into the radio show that's changing lives: Soul Connexions Radio -- what's your 'X' factor?

Your Weekly Dose of Truth

Don't miss a dose of the Truth that hurts so good as Robert Ohotto brings themes from his popular radio show "Soul Connexions" to YouTube with his series: 'Your Weekly Dose of Truth!' Week after week, watch each episode to get schooled in ways that teach you how to live your true potential! Discover why thousands have come to love Ohotto's candor, compassion, humor, and willingness to tell the Truth!

Upcoming Show Schedule

Thursday April 24th, 11am PT/2pm ET

The Soul has No Preference - Your Shame Does! (Live or Archive)

Do you get caught up on what choices to make all the time? Does the idea of having to choose give you great anxiety? Do you find yourself mired in regret over past choices you've made, feeling like somehow you have lost your purpose? If so, this paradigm shattering LIVE or ARCHIVE show is just for you! Don't miss it!!


Monday April 28th, 6pm PT/9pm ET

Are You Perceiving or Projecting in Your Relationships!

Does it seem like you're looking for love in all the wrong places? Do you keep suffering from one disappointment after another in your current relationships? Do believe someone is one way, only to find out you were wrong? Find out why Ohotto says you're likely projecting onto and not perceiving others! Learn how to know the difference on this illuminating, deep, and fun show! To speak to Robert LIVE dial 818.495.6927!


Thursday May 1st, 11am PT/2pm ET

Insecure Urgency vs. Healthy Urgency (Live or Archive)

You know that feeling: you gotta get something done, you gotta make something happen, there's no time to waste, life is passing you by!! - Right? It's called URGENCY! When is urgency unhealthy? When is it life affirming and essential? How can you know the difference? It's definitely urgent that you find out on this rock star LIVE or ARCHIVE coaching show!


Monday May 5th, 6pm PT/9pm ET

Your Weekly Dose of Truth Q&A - GOOGLE+ Hangouts Broadcast! (VIDEO)

NEW!! For the first time Robert answers your questions and gives coaching advice via Google+ Hangouts! Be sure to watch the LIVE stream for a fun, engaging, and insightful experience. No topic is off limits! Submit your questions about your Life's Purpose, how to heal an issue, or how to best co-create your life to Robert via!


Thursday May 8th, 11am PT/2pm ET

What does it mean to be Empowered? (Live or Archive)

What exactly is 'empowerment'? On one hand it's something that appropriately continues to evolve to meet the current needs of living in the world, so how should we approach it now? Is there a core definition of 'empowerment' that is universal and always applicable? How can we live from that kind of empowerment? What does it really take to be 'empowered'? Find out on this powerful LIVE or ARCHIVE show!


Monday May 12th, 6pm PT/9pm ET

How to Stop Empowering Your Resistance to Destiny! (Radio Fund Show)

Are you unconsciously empowering the resistance in your life and keeping yourself from getting what you most want and are destined for? What does it take to stop this? What exactly are you doing that empowers your resistance? Don't miss this awakening 'Radio Fund Show' as Robert shows you the numerous ways you empower resistance in your life without even knowing it. Find out how you can get out of your own way!


Thursday May 15th, 11am PT/2pm ET

Your Weekly Dose of Truth Q&A - GOOGLE+ Hangouts Broadcast! (VIDEO On-Demand)

NEW!! For the first time Robert answers your questions and gives coaching advice via Google+ Hangouts! Be sure to watch this on-demand stream for a fun, engaging, and insightful experience. No topic was off limits as Robert answers your questions Life Purpose, how to heal an issue, or how to best co-create your life.


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